School years Alexander Rybak

School years Alexander RybakThe country began Proms. The winner of "Eurovision-2009" Alexander Rybak and other stars remember their school years and graduation.It turned out that in Norway, graduates have many traditions: "in our school in Oslo - tradition: graduates should crawl on your knees the biggest street - said Alexander, who was born in Belarus, but with 4 years living in Norway. - When I was a student in the senior class, we were given these special pants are red, and we were crawling... Graduates before the may exams can fool around and act like you want. Why order a special red uniforms".So, fooling around on the streets, Norwegian graduates celebrate the end of school until the independence Day of Norway on 17 may, after which students start exams. And on the night of the 17th that they are allowed to sing songs under the Windows of the teachers and call them on the street.When the showman Ivan Urgant was 16 years old at the prom, he broke up with his classmate Natalia Kiknadze, which met for two years, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Читать полностью -->

TV presenter Vladimir Tishko returned to the right

TV presenter Vladimir Tishko returned to the rightA scandal involving a famous TV presenter Vladimir Tishko over to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.Vladimir returned to the right. And he took his statement that he was beaten on the road traffic police.We will remind, on April 9, "land cruiser" "instructor on the use of Moscow" are stopped on the road. Showman, which was suspected of drinking alcohol behind the wheel refused to go on parade and threatened to accuse inspectors of beating.In his version, he was driving. And only was in it as a passenger. The fact is that on this night he had a quarrel with his wife Emilia Vishnevskaya. The girl slammed the door of the jeep with the words: "Calm down - let's talk," the drunk and left her husband alone in the car.Fortunately, the conflict with the law have been exhausted. Читать полностью -->

Victoria Beckham with children left Milan

Victoria Beckham with children left Milan Victoria Beckham used one to cope with the three boys, while David is busy with his football career. She is also no stranger to constantly fly back and forth. The other day she tried to hold the hand of the kid Cruz, flew home from Milan to Los Angeles.Source: Victoria Beckham with children left Milan (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Olga Buzova and her boyfriend suspected of fraud

Olga Buzova and her boyfriend suspected of fraudThe star of the long playing shows channel TNT "House-2" Olga Buzova again became a member auto scandal.This time darling "Mini Cooper" 23-year-old blonde is in order, but the chic BMW X5 her 29-year-old fiancГ© Timothy Mayorova... hijacked. However now the police suspects that the guy specifically wrote a statement about the theft to get insurance in 4,5 million roubles!"Hijacking". . . . Читать полностью -->

Died the legend of world puppet theatre

Died the legend of world puppet theatreOn Wednesday died people's artist of Russia March Tsifrinovich, which in his lifetime was called legend of the world of puppet theatre.Famous puppeteer just four days has not lived up to his 85-year anniversary, reports RIA Novosti. "She was a pupil puppet masters of the genre Sergei Vladimirovich Obraztsov", - reads the statement of the State Central theatre Museum named after Bakhrushin that reported the death of the artist.Recall that the March Tsifrinovich was born 19 July 1924. He graduated from the national courses for Directors and artists puppet theatre under the direction of Sergei Obraztsov, got the head of children's Amateur puppet theatre in Central house of art workers.In the early 50-ies of Tsifrinovich began to perform on stage and together with artist Catherine Bekleshev created a satirical puppet character, "the candidate Okolovrasten Sciences" Venus M. Pastoralisme. That doll artist gave performances in different countries in 13 languages.Tsifrinovich created a youth Amateur puppet pop group "Experiment" at the Central house of art workers, professional pop puppet group "Metamorphosis" staged "light of hope" and "Tomorrow begins today". About her life and work she told in the book "the dolls all of the people", pass "Вести.Ru".March Tsifrinovich was an honorary member of the International Union of figures of puppet theatre, laureate of international festivals of puppet theaters, a member of the International Union of figures of variety art. Читать полностью -->

Vodonaeva preparing for the wedding

Vodonaeva preparing for the weddingAlena Vodonaeva began preparations for the most important celebration in your life six months ago. The wedding day is getting closer and Alena is going to meet it head-on.In anticipation of the holiday it came to teeth. On the eve of the former participant of "House-2" has visited my dentist to make your smile even more irresistible. Impressions from the event Alyona wrote in his blog: "Today was a dentist. Brrrr..... I don't like people of that profession. Читать полностью -->

Date Pugacheva and Galkin on a yacht

Date Pugacheva and Galkin on a yacht The paparazzi, seeing the diva in silver sandals, dress, opening sweetly slender legs, the paparazzi could not help but marvel at the wonderful power of love.Dress with pearl shimmer, flawless manicure, evening makeup, naughty haircut... So dressing up would have taken hurrying to a meeting with Prince charming Cinderella.But recently the singer and humorist could be seen separately rather than together! Alla Borisovna alone whiled away the time in Kiev, Maxim also stayed in a private Villa Sofia Rotaru in Yalta. Reunited pair only at the festival in Jurmala, and on his return from Latvia Maxim seated Muse in the machine, and the couple arrived at the capital Marina.There were already waiting for her ship-restaurant "Swallow" with the ordered Banquet...Five hours spent on the boat, Pugachev tasted proposed dishes, admire the scenery of the capital, coqueted with Maxim, and, it seems, really got into character heroine Kate Winslet from the movie Titanic.By the way, cost of the Banquet of 1 million 650 thousand rubles. Plus 350 thousand rubles for every hour of riding. Source: Date Pugacheva and Galkin on a yacht (photos). . Читать полностью -->

In Rome found the remains of St. Paul

In Rome found the remains of St. PaulAt the high mass on Sunday evening, Pope Benedict XVI said that in Rome found the remains of the Apostle Paul.Scientists have confirmed the veracity of the tradition, according to which in the sarcophagus under the altar of the main Church of Rome - St. Paul's Cathedral are the remains of this Saint."We are gathered here at the tomb of the Apostle, the sarcophagus which is stored under the papal altar, and recently became the object of careful scientific research," said Benedict XVI, addressing the faithful gathered for the final ceremony of the Year of St. Paul, announced on the occasion of the 2000 years since the birth of the Apostle.According to the legend, which has long been known that the sarcophagus contained the remains of St. Paul, but to confirm this could not have one. So far, the only proof that in the sarcophagus buried the person, who is considered one of the main ideologists of Christianity, was the inscription in Latin: "Paul-Apostle-Martyr," IA "Rosbalt".However, scientists using the research were able to find fragments of human bones belonging to the I-II century ad. Читать полностью -->

Malinin complained of the injustice of fate

Malinin complained of the injustice of fateSinger Alexander Malinin, who rarely appears on stage, complained of the injustice of fate.Alexander Malinin has suddenly appeared at the festival of arts in Vitebsk Slavianski Bazaar". The participation of the artist was not pre-planned. He helped the case: two days before the competition jury Chairman Nikolay Baskov refused honorary positions and decided not to come to the festival at all. The organizers were forced to urgently find a replacement and were invited to participate in the Alexander Malinin concert than the singer, of course, pleased."I'll be performing on stage with the feeling of complete and deep satisfaction. Finally I was invited to "Slavianski Bazaar"!" - Alexander told reporters. It turned out that by some years tormented by the question: "Why was I not invited to speak at the Vitebsk solo concert or with a single statement? ". Читать полностью -->