Amy Winehouse has decided to adopt a child

Amy Winehouse has decided to adopt a childAmy Winehouse decided to join the stellar moms with adopted children. The singer expressed her desire to adopt a child from Santa Lucia, where she is resting from that year. She also said that he was going to write a children's book in the near future.Will Winehouse child, the question is moot. Given her reputation, the island authorities are unlikely to want to raise a child in such a family. But Amy wants to prove she can be a good mother. Next month she will perform at the jazz festival in Santa Lucia. Читать полностью -->

Abortion: it's got to be a man

Abortion: it's got to be a man"Abortion?.. Yes you that, what is the question women! This is my question! I'm a man! This is my seed, my son or my daughter, what woman can say "it's my business"! Yes at the end of the leg, to thought and not killed!".So recently said in an interview on the radio "Finam FM" Herman Sterligov, the Creator of the exchange "Alisa" and now, as he submitted, "the Sheepdog, Guseva, indusoft". This, as you know, was about abortion, and Herman so excited - "I'm completely calm!" - what are deafened by their cries and leading the entire microphone, it seems, there are people spat.Herman knows how to deal with abortion. Doctors who carry out such operations, he proposed to execute, to the question "would You kill a man?" he replies: "the Killer of children - with ease! Crossed - with ease!" Who gave him that right? "I'm an Orthodox Christian," explains.What to do with women who terminated their pregnancy, Herman still undecided. After version "into the end of a foot long he oscillated between "link" and "flog as Sidorov goats". Finally found a compromise solution: "Yes the woman should die, if she wants to kill her child! This is true!". Читать полностью -->

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