Zemfira threatens deafness

Zemfira threatens deafnessMoscow doctors are doing everything possible to save the hearing itself Zemfira. Finished the cure otitis media made itself felt, and 32-year-old Mrs. Ramazanova the again had to seek the help of Moscow doctors.At the clinic star rock scene came on Wednesday afternoon. Bypassing the emergency Department, the singer quickly rose in the ENT Department, where she was waiting for the doctor: recently Alivar has become a frequent client. Surveying the artist, doctors, unfortunately, stated that inflammation of the middle ear, which has long suffered Ramazanova, again made itself felt.Doctors have long urged the flamboyant star to finally take care of your health. Over the last six months this is the second episode: the first time the star had to be hospitalized in September. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous Russian writer Vasily Aksenov

Died a famous Russian writer Vasily AksenovIn connection with the death of the famous Russian writer Vasily Aksenov, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent condolences to his family and friends. According to RIA Novosti, reported to journalists the press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov.Aksyonov died after a long illness resulting from injury during a car accident a year and a half ago. All this time the writer's life is maintained doctors leading Moscow clinics - research Institute of neurosurgery at the hospital of name Burdenko Institute of a name Sklifosovsky.Feldman is the author of such works as "Oranges from Morocco", "the Island of Crimea", "Burn", "Moscow Saga". Born August 20, 1932 in Kazan. His parents were repressed, and up to 16 years, Feldman was raised in an orphanage.He graduated from the Leningrad medical Institute in 1956. The first stories printed in 1958 in the magazine "Youth". Читать полностью -->

Alena Vodonaeva arranged scandal

Alena Vodonaeva arranged scandalEx-participant of the TV project "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva admitted that she has problems with memory, and scandal on the set of "Programs "t" on TV Russia.ru.During the discussion of the ethical concerns of existence on television shows like "House-2", former member started to threaten the journalist of the channel Russia.Ru, and then quickly left the Studio.The guests of the Program "C" except this time Alena Vodonaevoy were Kate Gordon and experts in the field of reality shows Ksenia Borodina and Roman Tretyakov.Kate Gordon resented the exploitation of the participants of the show basest of human instincts and needs. "If in the Bolshoi theatre will bring a kitten and will cut off his tail, every audience will look at the kitten, because it is an intense irritant," said Gordon. She insists that "the House-2" was broadcast on pay TV channels, because the show does not build love and swear off and arrange scandals, and the rest just worry about the ratings and see as its purpose the enrichment and glory. In this discussion participants remembered kata scandal presenter of "House-2" Ksenia Sobchak, which her fame and recognition has grown dramatically.While there was discussion of ethical or unethical show, Alyona Vodonaeva virtually silent, it was worth the host of the show Ilya Peresedova to remind Allen, as her beloved "tossed and thrashed her as a puppy, and Kate Gordon, picked up his words, recalled the girl fight with Victoria Bonneuil, as Alena suddenly changed in his face and threatened to worker, that he must someday answer for their words."I think moustached men are just not supposed to talk. My whiskers are always associated with D'artagnan, with knights... If I'm already starting to feel some negative emotion towards you, " said Her host of the program, I can already to fight with you. Читать полностью -->

Yawning celebrities

Yawning celebrities It turned out that yawning is not always accompanied by sleepiness or fatigue. Long yawning can be a sign of oxygen starvation of the brain and certain other painful conditions requiring medical attention.But most often accompanies yawning boredom. And it is contagious. So, you now can not be avoided. Let's see how they yawn all the time! Source: Yawning celebrities (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Milla Jovovich told about her pregnancy

Milla Jovovich told about her pregnancyMilla Jovovich told People magazine how pregnancy has changed her and affected for life. "I must admit, pregnancy for me was a great time! I felt great and was happy!Scored more than 20 kg, but it didn't make me feel ugly - I felt wonderful!". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson `zakonspiriroval` son

Michael Jackson `zakonspiriroval` sonMichael Jackson was previously trying to make a decision of their offspring in pouches, fully covering the face. Then the truth, decided to use a more "democratic" (if that word is appropriate in this context) of the mask.But, presumably, they did not sufficiently protect children from strangers ' eyes, so Dzeko again. In the picture that you see at the top, Michael together with one of his boys (go figure which one) leaves the hospital in Beverly hills. I don't even want to imagine what it feels like looking at the world from under this thing. Source: Michael Jackson "zakonspiriroval" son. . Читать полностью -->

Widow of Arturo Gatti is innocent in the death of her husband

Widow of Arturo Gatti is innocent in the death of her husbandFamous boxer, former world champion Arturo Gatti committed suicide. This is the conclusion reached by the representatives of law enforcement bodies of the North-Eastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco after the autopsy of the body of 37-year-old boxer.The body of boxer Gatti was found on July 11 in his room at the resort town of Porto de Galinhas, where he arrived the day before with his wife and year old child. The boxer's wife Amanda was arrested on suspicion of murdering her husband. The result suggested that she could strangle him by the strap of the bag as on body boxer had traces of strangulation and injuries on the head, inflicted by an unknown subject. Now, however, police concluded suicide and recognized Amanda is innocent in the death of her husband."We have finished the work and came to the conclusion that Gatti committed suicide. There is good evidence for this", - told reporters the investigator Paulo Melo. Читать полностью -->

Sokurov will present in Venice their new movie and book

Sokurov will present in Venice their new movie and bookSpecial screening of the documentary world famous film Director Alexander Sokurov "Reading during the work will be part of the 66th Venice film festival on September 9."This is a rare case where the program of the Venice film festival included a documentary film, and even the production of an unknown TV channel 100TV, where I am a curator," he said in an interview with RIA Novosti Sokurov.In the heart of the picture - the Siege book by Daniil Granin and Ales Adamovich, fragments of which read known artists, journalists, primary school children, students, military and the blockade."I made this film in order to remember how difficult life - continued Sokurov. - And that this price is unacceptably heavy. I think the events in the siege of Leningrad no less tragic and terrible than the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is a disaster of historical, cultural for all people and for this city, which has always been the center of culture and civilization of the state.". . . Читать полностью -->

Lukyanenko and Bekmambetov are working on a new film

Lukyanenko and Bekmambetov are working on a new filmThe author of the "watch Sergei Lukyanenko wrote the script for the new film by Timur Bekmambetov, under the working title "the Golden man"."Now we are working on a different project," he told reporters Lukyanenko, who had come to Ekaterinburg to participate in fantasy festival "Aelita". - I'll do the script, in fact, already doing for the new film by Timur Bekmambetov. The film will be called "the Golden man" is a fantastic film, big-budget, bright, with lots of events, switches.According to him, this will be a joint project of Russia and Kazakhstan."It's a movie, which, we hope, in addition to the fascinating story, you'll be able to remind the audience that we were a United country," he said, adding that the picture will be the key mission of friendship.Lukyanenko has already worked with Bekmambetov - in addition to the "watch out, he made literary adaptations of Russian version of the acclaimed blockbuster "wanted". Source: Lukyanenko and Bekmambetov are working on a new film. . . Читать полностью -->

Chavez brought a gift to Fidel Castro

Chavez brought a gift to Fidel CastroCuban leader Fidel Castro has celebrated his 83rd birthday in the company of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.The latter said that specially came to Cuba on Thursday to congratulate Castro on the holiday. As a gift to the Cuban leader, Chavez brought the Venezuelan foods - sardines and chocolate.According to Chavez, the conversation that took place in the narrow family circle, lasted nearly five hours, after which the Venezuelan President returned home. As a gift to Chavez presented his "mentor" Castro in addition to "Venezuelan treats" drawn by two coal work: the first was a picture of a hero of the struggle for independence of Venezuela, Francisco de Miranda, the second of josГ© martГ­, the national hero of Cuba.During the gala dinner, guests were able to try a variety of traditional Latin dishes. At the end of the table gave the cake. "You know what they say imperialists? Some say Fidel went to the roof. It's all slander. Читать полностью -->

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