Malinin complained of the injustice of fate

Malinin complained of the injustice of fateSinger Alexander Malinin, who rarely appears on stage, complained of the injustice of fate.Alexander Malinin has suddenly appeared at the festival of arts in Vitebsk Slavianski Bazaar". The participation of the artist was not pre-planned. He helped the case: two days before the competition jury Chairman Nikolay Baskov refused honorary positions and decided not to come to the festival at all. The organizers were forced to urgently find a replacement and were invited to participate in the Alexander Malinin concert than the singer, of course, pleased."I'll be performing on stage with the feeling of complete and deep satisfaction. Finally I was invited to "Slavianski Bazaar"!" - Alexander told reporters. It turned out that by some years tormented by the question: "Why was I not invited to speak at the Vitebsk solo concert or with a single statement? ". Читать полностью -->

Guests Elizabeth II stole silverware

Guests Elizabeth II stole silverwareVisitors of Queen Elizabeth II, who had taken refuge in the rain at the Royal tent in the garden of Buckingham yard, stole eight items of silverware of the era of king George III and eight cups with saucers Victorian era.The incident occurred on July 7 during the reception in the garden of Buckingham Palace, which brought together about five thousand men. While the guests were in the garden, the Queen, her husband the Duke of Edinburgh Philip, Prince Andrew and the Duke of Gloucester had tea in the tent of her Majesty. However, a measured course of social events was broken, the sudden outbreak of rain, large hailstones. Elizabeth showed the Royal generosity she invited a few dozen people to take refuge in her tent.There chilled and soaked guests are served tea, coffee, lemonade, ginger cakes and strawberries and cream, but apparently, some members of the Royal tea party wanted to extract from this visit much more substantial profit.After the storm had passed and the waiters began to clean the tables, they discovered the loss of numerous cups, saucers and spoons with monogram of Queen "EIIR".As reported by the newspaper the representatives of the staff, all guests took eight items of silverware of the era of king George the Third and eight cups with saucers Victorian era. As noted, the Queen herself was very upset and dismayed outrageous incident, reports "RIA Novosti".Meanwhile, some time ago the officers of the Royal guard of the police special forces SO14 repelled an attack by robbers on her granddaughter Elizabeth II, British Princess Eugene in Cambodia, reports ITAR-TASS. 19-year-old Princess and her two companions did a night walk through the streets of Phnom Penh. Читать полностью -->

Miranda Kerr sunbathes Topless

Miranda Kerr sunbathes Topless Miranda Kerr photographed at one of the resorts Topless. Five minutes to the wife of Orlando bloom frolicked in the waves without a bra, but in hat.Source: Miranda Kerr sunbathes Topless (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Navka Basharov and behave as a married couple

Navka Basharov and behave as a married coupleThe stars of "Ice age" Tatiana Navka and Marat Basharov became officially live together - love couple booked in one hotel room for two.The journalists of "Life" got documentary evidence that on the road they act like a married couple.Roman figure skater Tatiana grooves and actor Marat Basharova is developing with such rapidity that for the lovers just can not keep up. A few weeks ago, the star couple hid their relationship and the people didn't reveal their tender feelings, now Tatiana and Marat ready to officially announce his novel.Im so tired of encrypted and to play James bond with appearances and passwords that they have decided to stop this carnival, declaring Averbukh: "On tour we will live together in the same room!" One cannot say that skaters in Ice age" the news really surprised me. Relations Tatiana and Marat for a long time already for anybody not a secret Source: Navka Basharov and behave as a married couple. . . . Читать полностью -->

`Ex-Ranetka` severely beat students

`Ex-Ranetka` severely beat studentsMany viewers of the youth series "Ranetki" I can't get over it.A few days ago there was information that the ex-soloist of the band "Ranetki Lera Kozlova hard beat: the emergency happened in Kiev, where 21-year-old singer for unknown reasons, was attacked by a group of young boys and girls.And on the eve of the network was laid out shocking video, apparently filmed on a mobile phone, which depicted how defenseless actress beaten brutally brutalized Teens.On the tape, as a few girls came up to the singer and something she asked. Obviously, the answer did not suit them. In the next moment one of the strangers heavily pushing Leroux, she flies off to the side and with a sweep falls on asphalt. Run up to her standing nearby teenagers and begin to beat actress feet...At first, the singer and her press office refused to comment on the incident. But, in the end, admitted: sensational video is an excerpt from the film, the shooting of which are now in Ukraine. The film is based on real events that occurred last winter in the small town of Nikolaev. Читать полностью -->

The funeral of Michael Jackson have been moved

The funeral of Michael Jackson have been movedMichael Jackson will be buried on August 29, the day of his 51st birthday, as previously reported.According to the father of the late Joseph Jackson, the family need to give some things up - which, he says, is in order. Therefore, the resting place of the King of pop pushed back by two days. He will be buried on August 31. Source: the Funeral of Michael Jackson have been moved. . . Читать полностью -->

Pavel Bure spoke about the upcoming wedding

Pavel Bure spoke about the upcoming weddingOne of the richest and most successful athletes of the turn of 20-21 centuries, a 38-year-old owner of millions, decided to marry an unknown girl named Alina.The wedding of Paul and Alina is scheduled for October 10. Despite the fact that hockey has been living outside of Russia, the triumph will be the home of the groom, in Moscow. "The wedding is scheduled for October 10, says Paul. - On the one hand, the romantic - because I played under 10 m, and practical. To get married in the fall much easier: all summer usually on the move, and by the autumn they gather in the capital. One could, of course, to organize our wedding abroad, but I decided that I'll marry only in Moscow. Читать полностью -->

Ridley Scott will remove the anti-utopian novel `brave new world`

Ridley Scott will remove the anti-utopian novel `brave new world`If you believe the Risky Biz Blog, Ridley Scott set his sights on an adaptation of the dystopia of Aldous Huxley's "brave new world (Brave New World).While Scott is listed in the producers (through the Agency of Scott Free) - as well as Leonardo DiCaprio from the Appian Way, but it is likely that Ridley will still take for best Director, and Leo will play a major role. The project is being developed at Universal studios, the premiere is scheduled for 2011. Previously Scott in several interviews mentioned that he was interested in the production of the novel Huxley, the right which belongs to Appian Way. Adaptation is already assigned to Farhad-Safinia ("Apocalypse").The novel, published in 1932, set in the 26th century in London. People in a heartless world of the future are grown in the so-called embrionario and artificially (through effects on the embryo during its development and use of hypnopaedia in shaping personality) are divided into five castes from the highest Alphas, knowledge workers) to the lowest (epsilons, feeble-minded labourers). The main characters of the novel - a personality that don't fit into society, among them is the representative of the higher caste Bernard Marx (his, most likely, and will depict DiCaprio)."Brave new world" has not yet reached the big screen, and the TV version of the most known version 1998 with Peter Gallagher in the title role. Читать полностью -->

`Miss Russia 2009` appeared in an erotic photoshoot

`Miss Russia 2009` appeared in an erotic photoshoot The winner of the contest "Miss Russia 2009 Sofia rudyeva never ceases to amaze frankness. Available LIFE.RU was the candid shooting 19-year-old Petersburger, which is called the new pride of the country.PhotoWe must pay tribute to the plastic and ingenuity Sony: the photos turned out to be not just honest, but also beautiful. Shot in the style of "Nude" everyone, and here to submit the body beautiful - the task is not so simple. Rudyeva came to creative... Demonstrating charms, slender beauty with an outstanding bust did it with soul and a story. Still, her father is the artist, and Sonia graduated from the St. Читать полностью -->

The famous British singer was diagnosed with cancer

The famous British singer was diagnosed with cancerFamous British singer and DJ Sonique put a disappointing diagnosis - breast cancer.Terrible diagnosis of the performer, whose real name is Sonia Clarke, the doctors told her last week. On the eve of a 40-year-old singer was admitted to a hospital in London, where she underwent emergency surgery. She is currently undergoing post-operative treatment and in prosperous circumstances, according to the doctors, she will stay in the hospital until June 20.It is unknown at what stage the disease was discovered, but, according to doctors, a mortal danger to the singer is not in danger. This diagnosis foiled plans sonic.She would have to postpone a series of concerts in European countries, which were scheduled for this summer, and the release of her new single, reports The Sun.As noted by the British tabloids, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in Britain - with him facing one of the nine women. Annually in the country diagnosed more than 45 thousand cases of breast cancer among patients about 300 men.Sonic is not the only representative of show-business, confronted face to face with this terrible disease. Over the past years to fight this disease had singers Kylie Minogue and Anastacia.His career sonic began in the mid 1980-ies. Читать полностью -->

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