Zhanna Friske `lit up` at an intimate party

Zhanna Friske `lit up` at an intimate partyEvil temptress Zhanna Friske "lit up" on a private beach party. The season opened so hot that the Moscow tusovka startled, "Oh, what a woman!". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson will shoot the film

Michael Jackson will shoot the filmA documentary film about Michael Jackson, which will include the recording of the last rehearsals, the singer, will be released on October 30.Premiere date was determined after Columbia Pictures bought the company-organizer of the failed world tour, Michael Jackson rehearsal footage of over 60 million dollars. 90 % of these funds will go to the heirs of Jackson.The last rehearsal of his concert "This Is It" which Jackson had intended to go to London tour, dated June 23. It was taken 2 days before his death. During the preparation for the forthcoming tour was captured about 100 hours of footage, reports the Internet-the channel Russia.Ru.Part of the tape is made by technology of volumetric three-dimensional images for display in theaters.Recall, Michael Jackson died June 25 in Los Angeles at the age of 50 years. According to preliminary information, he died of an overdose of potent drugs. The main suspect in the case is the personal physician of the singer Conrad Murray, who was close to Jackson in the last minutes of his life.On 10 August it became known that the body of the king of pop was secretly interred at the Los Angeles Forest Lawn cemetery. Читать полностью -->

Maksim cheating their fans

Maksim cheating their fansThose who have seen the blockbuster movie "Taras Bulba", greatly puzzled commercials on TV channel "Russia". In them, the singer Maksim reported that recorded the soundtrack to the film is a joint composition "lullaby" with the rapper Legalize.The fact is that in the film this tune in any form was not present. In principle, Maksim before constantly hung to the public talking about millions sold her disks, about kindly uncle-producers who allegedly started promoting it solely for the talent. But such outright lies that can easily refute any person seen the film, she still did not fall. Maybe we don't know something? Maybe "lullaby" really was intended to "Taras Bulba", but then for some reason it was not included?"That's how this song could be in the movie?! - laughed the author of music to "Taras Bulba" Igor Kornelyuk in an interview with "Express Gazeta". - It has nothing to do with him. Читать полностью -->

Jolie visited the hot spots of the Middle East

Jolie visited the hot spots of the Middle EastAngelina Jolie arrived in Iraq as a goodwill Ambassador of the UN. She went to one of the suburbs of Baghdad to visit the refugees and the military.Hollywood star for the third time attend one of the hot spots of the Middle East. This time she went to the suburbs of Baghdad, where 20 of thousands of Iraqis were left homeless as a result of military action. Part time Angelina Jolie spent with refugee families, and then spoke with American soldiers who are serving in Iraq, reports CNN.Jolie emphasized that since her last visit in February 2008, the country was making progress, but still lots more work is needed for its restoration. "There is still no basic things, which requires everyone - told reporters the actress. They only recently began to get clean water, sleeping in the dirt, have no opportunities to get a job"."The Iraqis are in huge need of support and assistance to rebuild a normal life", - quotes the statement of a star "Associated Press". Читать полностью -->

Cameron Diaz boyfriend dumped

Cameron Diaz boyfriend dumpedIt seems that Cameron Diaz once again a single woman. According to Showbiz Spy, she broke up with her boyfriend Paul Scalfaro.Diaz, 36 years old, just drove the British out of his Los Angeles apartment. After the breakup, they became very hard to see each other."They no longer love each other," the source told Grazia magazine. "Paul is not happy in Los Angeles and wants to be where his friends are. Cameron doesn't want to go to England.". . Читать полностью -->

`EGO` section Russian actor and European model

`EGO` section Russian actor and European model The August issue of EGO has set a precedent among glossy magazines never yet famous actors did not participate in erotic photo shoots. And suddenly -!Denis Nikiforov, the action star in "shadow Boxing" and "the Tanker "tango", a casual starred in sex scenes with Eugenia Diordiychuk, one of the most famous European erotic models.Photoshoot called "9 and a half hours" seems quite straightforward...It is possible that some will even accuse participants in excessive naturalism...For Eugenia, by the way, this shooting has also become a precedent - because she used to be in the frame either alone or with a partner... "Queen of erotica" is removed for the first time..."With groupies I'm not looking for some novels, because I live by the principle: flies separately, cutlets separately, -confessed the actor. - Although such a list of partners, how I long press, I wrote to the playboys. It's even flattering! Now with such a reputation, like me, you can sleep with anyone!". . Читать полностью -->

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