Mel Gibson demanded that a paternity test

Mel Gibson demanded that a paternity testHollywood actor Mel Gibson demanded that his pregnant Russian girlfriend did a test to determine paternity.After the actor publicly announced the pregnancy of his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, he wondered whether he is the father of the unborn child.According to The Insider, the decision to demand a DNA test with Oksana 53-year-old Mel Gibson pushed his close friends and children who worry about what this kid can become a rightful heir to their father, which is estimated at $ 950 million.We will remind that recently in the Western press reported that the Hollywood actor has no plans to marry Oksana Grigorieva, but will pay her $ 19 million for the child she now bears.As it became known, Oksana has signed a lucrative deal with the actor. According to the agreement, after the birth of their baby daughter Russian woman will pay $ 10 million. Besides, she will get 40 thousand dollars on a monthly basis as long as the child is Gibson reaches the age of 18 is approximately $ 9 million. Additionally Mel Gibson will pay the tuition of a child born only in the fall.She lives alone, along with 12-year-old son Alexander, whom she had married to British actor Timothy Dalton. Source: Mel Gibson demanded that a paternity test. . Читать полностью -->

A film about Jewish partisans aroused the indignation of the poles

A film about Jewish partisans aroused the indignation of the polesPublished in Polish, the film Director Edward Zwick "Challenge" caused a wave of anger in this country, according to "Videos." referring to "The Guardian".The poles were outraged by the heroic images of the four Bielski brothers, who fled from Nazi-occupied Polish territory and organized the partisans in the forests of Belarus.Many poles believe that this unit participated in the attack on the village of Naliboki, which killed 128 of its residents.For example, the conservative newspaper "Rzecpospolita" in an article on the release of a film by Edward Zwick, argues that Jewish resistance groups are not particularly shy in the media, when they came to the village for supplies. "Very often these visits were accompanied by murders and rapes", - quotes the source of the British edition.The older brothers, Tuvia, who commanded the detachment, the newspaper calls "a cross between a bandit and a hero", and a more liberal newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, although not faulted Bielsko attack on nalibaki, describes the detachment commander as a drunkard and red tape.The script of the film "the Call" based on the book of the researcher of the Holocaust Nechama Tekom - a Jew who survived in Poland during the war, as was posing as a Catholic. Source: a Film about Jewish partisans aroused the indignation of the poles. . . . Читать полностью -->

In `House-2` for the first time the baby is born

In `House-2` for the first time the baby is bornIn the history of the controversial TV project "Dom-2" will soon be a momentous event - the first time the perimeter of the baby.The participants of the popular reality show Rita Agibalova and Eugene Kuzin prepared for the wedding and for life forms. Zhenya made Rita the proposal during the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the project, and Rita said, "Yes." After the wedding, the couple has no plans to leave the show. Rita and Eugene want their baby born on the TV show.19-year-old Margaret first came to the project when she was 17 years old. Despite his young age, the girl fell in love with a guy older sister - Andrei Cherkasov. When the relationship ended she left the project. Back at it Rita a year. Читать полностью -->

Discovered the secret of the paternity of Jackson's children

Discovered the secret of the paternity of Jackson's childrenThe godfather of the children of Michael Jackson (British actor mark Lester is confident that he is the true father of Paris Michael Katherine.51-year-old Lester, who rose to fame in childhood the role of Oliver Twist in the musical based on the novel by Charles Dickens, was the closest friend of the "king of pop". And now, after Jackson's death, he finally decided to reveal their ancient secrets, which was stored for 13 years. "In 1996 Michael asked me if I could give him my sperm and I said Yes. It was a gift to him, because it wasn't paid any money," said Lester.The actor said that he was honored to help Jackson, who longed to have children of their own. "I gave Michael my sperm so that he could have children... I am sure that Paris could be my daughter", he added, noting that underwent the procedure of putting the sperm in a clinic in London at the personal request of Jackson.This statement became a sensation, as in the story of the children of Michael Jackson planned an unexpected turn. Читать полностью -->

Prigogine scandal in the qualifying round `Eurovision`

Prigogine scandal in the qualifying round `Eurovision`Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest 2009 held in Moscow on may 16.This choice has caused a mixed reaction among the Russian representatives of show business, and Joseph Prigogine believes that the results of the vote should be protested.Anastasia Prikhodko was initially due to take part in the Ukrainian national selection, however, was disqualified. After that, the singer was allowed to participate in the final of the Russian national selection shortly before the vote.For Prikhodko in the final selection, which took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday, voted 25% of the audience and six members of the professional jury of 11. The voting took place in two stages. At first the public has identified the top three of the 16 contestants through telephone and SMS voting. In addition to Prikhodko, speaking with the song "Mama" in the Ukrainian version sounds like "Mama", the top three finalists included singer Valeria and the group "Quattro" which gained 14% and 12% of the vote respectively. Then a professional jury selected the leader.Victory 21-year-old Ukrainian singer caused a mixed reaction from the Russian music industry professionals, including some members of the jury. Читать полностью -->

Drew Barrymore graced the cover of W Magazine

Drew Barrymore graced the cover of W Magazine Famous Hollywood actress drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore) graced the cover of the new issue of W magazine.On images that have graced the pages of the April issue, movie star appeared in the form of "mean girls". In an interview with the publication, drew talked about his sex life and unusual way:"I like to pretend," she said, " I love to play with images. For me, a little unusual and interesting pose in the form of sexual vamp, because in real life I don't wear sexy clothes and prefer "parachutes" thongs". Source: drew Barrymore graced the cover of W Magazine (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

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