Jolie revenge aniston for `long tongue`

Jolie revenge aniston for `long tongue`Tabloid the Sun published an interesting story. It said that Angelina Jolie'm sick and tired of talking about the interview with Jennifer aniston where she talks about brad and his new family life.And really aniston for several months engaged in the promotion for the new film with its participation "Marley and me" and gives numerous interviews in which no end discusses the life of brad and ange.But it is very doubtful that Jolie really promised in reply to "sling mud aniston", as stated by The Sun.Further, the tabloid quoted its source: "Angelina is already tired of aniston constantly mentions the name of brad in interviews. According to ange, so Jennifer is just trying to sow discord in her relationship with her husband".Why this statement seems far-fetched? Yes, because it is unlikely angelina cares about Jennifer and what she says. And even if there is, does it really hurt Jolie her words that she is ready to embark on an argument with aniston through the media? And finally, what's so "dirty" Jolie can say about aniston? Max - "walk" on her nose, which has undergone multiple plastic surgery. Source: Jolie revenge aniston for "long tongue"". . Читать полностью -->

Yankovsky was taken from the scene to hospital

Yankovsky was taken from the scene to hospitalThe famous actor of the Moscow theatre "Lenkom" Oleg Yankovsky suddenly became ill during the play "Marriage". According to in the theatre arrived, the ambulance crew, Yankovsky and was immediately taken to one of the Moscow hospitals.As reported by some media, chief Director "Lenkom" mark Zaharov does not hide the fact that the incident plunged the theatre into a state of shock. Oleg Yankovsky is indeed in the hospital. However, according to other sources, his health is not in danger - the actor is undergoing treatment."Last time in the play "Marriage" he (Jankowski) played on 10 April," - said in an interview to RIA "news" the Deputy Director of theatre Sergey Voltaire. According to him, in the following performances of "Marriage" on April 26 and 27 Jankowski will play as scheduled.Recall that in January of this year, the honored artist of Russia was held diagnostic testing in Germany, then continued intensive treatment in Moscow. Celebrating its 65th anniversary, in mid-March Oleg Yankovsky returned to the stage, despite serious illness. Читать полностью -->

Mireille Mathieu are coming to the festival in Moscow

Mireille Mathieu are coming to the festival in MoscowGreat French girl, beloved by several generations of people in our country, is going to visit us! And not just.Mireille will be singing in the main square of the country at the festival of military orchestras "Spasskaya tower", which will open on 5 September, and its closing ceremony will take place on 10 September.Mathieu will perform three songs in the finale of the festival on the red square. One of the songs is about Paris, and another from the repertoire of Edith Piaf.In addition, in the final sounds of The Beatles song in combination with classical Russian music. It is not excluded that the melodies of the Beatles to be performed on the bagpipes.By the way, ex-beatle Paul McCartney may become party to the next festival "Spasskaya tower" - with him already being negotiated. Source: Mireille Mathieu are coming to the festival in Moscow. . . Читать полностью -->

The Moscow film festival promises to be tough

The Moscow film festival promises to be toughThirty-first festival, which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, will open in the capital on June 19, a film by Pavel Lungin's "Tsar" in which Oleg Yankovsky has played his last role in a movie."In scale, character and quality of performance of the two main roles, the picture raises the bar of national cinema and public significance of the festival," said about the film, the Chairman of the selection Committee of the festival Kirill Razlogov. - Oleg Yankovsky finished his career on a very high note, and we'll give him his due".With regard to the programme of the festival, the organizers decided to stick to the principle of premierethe, which at the time refused. In non-competition program will feature the most famous and largest paintings, including victory at the last Cannes festival. "Hard and strong emotions will be a lot and in competitive and non-competitive screenings," warned Razlogov.In the main program of the festival are 16 or 18 films - the final list will be approved later. Among them, three paintings by Russian Directors. This adaptation of Chekhov's story "Ward No. Читать полностью -->

Knightley returned to the world of show business

Knightley returned to the world of show businessAfter enduring for some time, the mourning, the actor decided to re-join the world of show business.But at the ceremony - the ceremony of delivery of awards MTV Movie Awards 2009 which was held in the concert hall "Barvikha Luxury Village", the actor did not deign to appear. Although he had to award the prize in the category "Best male role".After a long break, his first place of entertainment was the program "What? Where? When?" on which Constantine was invited as a guest.Rumor has it that the initiative to attend the game, which took place in the Neskuchny garden, came from the Khabensky. Throughout the evening, the actor remained calm and inconspicuous. That night he was only speaking to a presenter who asked the question: "But whom do you think is the best player on the team Andrei Kozlov?". . . Читать полностью -->

Hugh Grant was going to retire

Hugh Grant was going to retireBritish heartthrob Hugh Grant decided to leave the movie for the umpteenth time. For the first time, he wondered what he doesn't like acting before auditioning for the lead role in "Four weddings and one funeral" in the early ' 90s.If, according to him, he didn't get the part, there would be a fairy tale came to an end. But the party got to him. And after the release of the film and its spectacular success with a pension had to wait. Then Hugh again tried to throw everything - after the second part of "Bridget Jones", but instead went and starred in "the American dream", "out of sight, from the chart - get out!" and in a couple of movies. In General, worthless to him! He himself understands it: said this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that "in the eyes of the people he looks ridiculous.". Читать полностью -->

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