Elections in Sochi will be held without Volochkova

Elections in Sochi will be held without VolochkovaThe municipal electoral Committee has refused ballerina Anastasia Volochkova in registration as a candidate for mayor of Sochi, which will take place on April 26. To struggle for an armchair of the mayor, where the 2014 Olympic games will be nine candidates.According to the representative of a ballerina, this is due to irregularities in the payment documents . In particular, not the date of birth of Anastasia Volochkova in the payment order from Sberbank, has not been given the necessary information about deposits, income and assets. "We will challenge the Commission's decision in court," - said the representative of the election headquarters Volochkova.The ballerina for a few hours before the official Declaration of a municipal electoral Committee has informed. which is waiting for a negative decision on his candidacy, since it is not put down in the cash receipt date of his birth, although he filled his dictation. At the same time, she reported that although will not participate in elections, will closely monitor the election campaign.Meanwhile, the election Commission on Friday formed the final list of candidates who will fight for the post of mayor of the resort city Sochi. Of the 26 persons who have filed a notice of intention to ballot, the candidates for the post of Sochi mayor registered nine people, reports "Interfax".This acting Sochi mayor candidate from the party "United Russia" Anatoly Pakhomov, head of the liberal democratic party in Krasnodar territory Alexey Kolesnikov, a former candidate in presidents of Russia Andrei Bogdanov, the Sochi businessman Paul Emelianenko, former adviser of the President of Ukraine Boris Nemtsov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of national reserve Corporation Alexander Lebedev, the Krasnodar businessman Vladimir trukhanovsky, first Secretary of the Sochi city Committee of the Communist party Yuri Dzagania, the head of the local branch "Fair Russia" Victor kurpita. Читать полностью -->

Hitler without eyes, nose and ears will be sold at auction

Hitler without eyes, nose and ears will be sold at auctionFirst known self-portrait of Adolf Hitler among other figures of Nazi leader will be sold in April at an auction in the UK, reports the Daily Telegraph.On small watercolor, 1910, you can see a man in a brown suit, sitting on the stone bridge. He has no eyes, nose and ears, however, the characteristic comb-over hair and the initials A. N. on the figure allowed art historians to attribute the picture.Just auction house Mullocks exposes for sale, to be held April 23, 13 works of the bloodiest dictator of the twentieth century. According to the organizers of the auction, it is mainly landscaped landscapes, full of flowers and trees.This part of the scenic heritage of Hitler was discovered by officers of the British army Wheelie Mackenney (Willie McKenna) in 1945 in the German Essen, where his company was stationed after the war.Then the foreman sold the work to an unknown buyer, and they have for decades kept in his collection.British media reported that at the last auction of paintings of Hitler in 2006, five of his drawings were purchased by the Russian buyer in dark glasses with a Teddy bear hanging from his yellow backpack. Source: Hitler without eyes, nose and ears will be sold at auction. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan is back in the ranks of heterosexuals

Lindsay Lohan is back in the ranks of heterosexualsIt seems that Lindsay Lohan is already "fed up" with lesbian love and returned to the world of heterosexuals.At the end of last week, the actress appeared in a Hollywood night club "My House", where recklessly flirting with several men while her attention is not attracted Leonardo DiCaprio.According to eyewitnesses, Linsey first chatted with the actor, and then rose from the table and started dancing right in front of Leo.Of course, in this situation, Lohan is not difficult to understand. She recently broke up with his girlfriend, and here before her was one of the most popular men in Hollywood. But does Lindsay that might interest such a womanizer, like DiCaprio, don Juan in the list which novels with Helena Christensen and Gisele Bundchen, and now he has a continuing relationship with a charming Israeli model Bar Refaeli?!The source said: "as soon As Lindsay saw Leonardo, she flew at him like a bee to honey. This evening she went to hunt for men, and saw in a dark corner of the club, Leo ran to him. Lindsay managed to capture the attention of Leo, and soon they were busily chatting. In the middle of the party she stood up and gave a dance in front of DiCaprio, and he seems to like it".But it seems unlikely that Lohan will be able to lead an actor from Bar Refaeli. Читать полностью -->

Porn star Elena Berkova wants to be mayor of Sochi

Porn star Elena Berkova wants to be mayor of SochiThe first Russian porn star Elena Berkova going to officially register as a candidate for mayor of Sochi.In the campaign headquarters of former participants of the TV project "Dom-2" said that Elena Berkova already visited Sochi, where he made a campaign ad that she posted on her website."Elena particularly interested in winning as one of her rivals is known scandalous politician Boris Nemtsov, with whom she last year there was a conflict. Berkova even appealed a claim to the court that the policy sought to 100 thousand rubles for insulting her personality during the presentation of the book "confessions of a rebel. Politics without BL..CTB", - said the press Secretary of Berkova."The final election will be held on April 26, and Elena are more than willing to support the city of Sochi, because in 2014 there will be held the Olympic games, Berkova and on this occasion there is a wealth of creative ideas," - said in the campaign headquarters of a porn star. Source: porn star Elena Berkova wants to be mayor of Sochi. . . Читать полностью -->

Madonna is planning to get engaged with Jesus Luz

Madonna is planning to get engaged with Jesus LuzMadonna and her Brazilian lover Jesus Luz are planning to arrange a ceremony of betrothal in the tradition of Kabbalah. Young male model helps pop star to deal with the emotions because of the failure of the adoption.Madonna Dating Jesus Luz since the beginning of this year, having met him on the set of a photo shoot for the magazine "W". Before Madonna flew to Malawi in April to attempt to adopt three year old mercy James, reports emerged that the couple broke up.But, since the adoption attempt failed, the singer once again focused on his young lover. Luz has appealed to the Catholic faith in Kabbalah, and, according to British newspaper "Sunday Mirror", the pair will take part in the service at the Kabbalah Centre in Manhattan.A source tells the publication: "They are completely dissolved in each other, and he's really helped Madonna in this difficult time. The point was not that the relationship has cooled off, it was more the desire of the Madonna focus on their petition for adoption of the Mersey, and they didn't want to draw attention that it became the main theme.It is reported that children Madonna's 12 - year-old Lourdes, eight-year-old Rocco and three-year adopted son David - accept Jesus. Source: Madonna is planning to get engaged with Jesus Luz. Читать полностью -->

An Opera based on `the Night watch` Lukyanenko put in Vienna

An Opera based on `the Night watch` Lukyanenko put in ViennaWriter Sergei Lukyanenko was asked to write the libretto for classical Opera in his novel "Night watch", reported RIA Novosti himself popular fiction."I went to the Director of the Vienna state Opera and the Finnish producer whose name I do not want to name who was asked to write for the Opera "the Night's watch," the libretto," said Lukyanenko.He clarified that we are talking about classical Opera, but with modern scenery and special effects."It will be a bright, spectacular staging, aims to attract young people, but the music will be classical," - said the Agency interlocutor.The writer explained that the basis for the libretto lies not entirely novel, and one brilliant episode."Of course, the novel is difficult to put in whole, and not necessary. Importantly, in the episode, taken for the libretto, it was everything that guarantees the success of the product - a story of love, adventure, betrayal, tragedy," said Lukyanenko.The Director of the play, according to the writer, will be selected when the libretto and the music, ordered a young but already famous Finnish composer, whose name the Agency interlocutor also not ready to disclose."In two weeks I will go to Finland, where he will meet with the composer. And probably after this meeting will commence work on the libretto", - shared his plans Lukyanenko.He believes that the choice of European Directors fell on "Night watch" because of the great popularity of the book in Germany and Austria. "Novel came out in these countries in large numbers, apparently, it has attracted producers," suggested the writer.Lukyanenko admitted that he has never engaged in writing the libretto, but he was very interested to try their hand at a new role."The libretto, which I will write, then, are to be translated into Italian and English. Maybe Opera will then go in several European theaters," he said. Source: an Opera based on "the Night watch Lukyanenko put in Vienna. Читать полностью -->

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