In the Museum of Chekhov opened `Melikhovo spring`

In the Museum of Chekhov opened `Melikhovo spring`In the Museum of Anton Chekhov may 16, opened the 10th international theatre festival "Melikhovo spring". About it reports "Interfax" with reference to the Ministry of press and information of the Moscow region.This time in the festival can participate collectives from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the theatres of Western Europe, in particular, the Madrid chamber theatre. A. Chekhov.The festival runs from 16 to 22 may. During this time, will be shown 14 dramatic performances of plays and prose of Chekhov Most of these performances is premieres.The plays will be performed on the stage of the theatre and concert hall of the Museum-estate in Melikhovo, outdoors, and in the cultural and creative center "Druzhba" in Chekhov and Serpukhov music and drama theatre. Source: the Museum-reserve Chekhov opened "Melikhovo spring"". Читать полностью -->

The British took under the protection of Susan Boyle

The British took under the protection of Susan BoyleAll Newspapers of the United Kingdom recommended to carefully approach the history of Scottish Housewives Susan Boyle, who came to the clinic after the defeat in the final of "Britain's got talent.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Widow Bachynsky's getting married again

Widow Bachynsky's getting married againJulia Bachinsky, widow of the famous radio presenter, who died in January 2008 in a terrible car accident on his feet and is getting married again.As it became known L! in her life there is a new man, whom she recently introduced with their parents and grandmother.- Julia came in Kashin, Tver region with a new friend, told his friends Bachinsky. - Where her grandmother lives, she introduced them. At the wedding, grandma will not be able to attend, she is already old, it will be difficult.NovelHard right now and Bacinski, which probably would turn an army of searchers morality: since the death of Gennady it's only been a year and a half. Surprisingly, without reproach on Yulia look today are the people that she does not wants to see: her former husband...When I realized that she was with someone else, came to her in Moscow to see my daughter, and she would not let me into the apartment: there was another man, said L! mom Bachynsky Nina afanasevna, which still lives in a small house in the Altai region in spring crops. "Is there anything in her new marriage? She's young, she's beautiful. But life does not stand still! I knew that she would marry.RelationshipNina Bachinsky says these words, sighing heavily, she almost never smiled since that fateful day, when her son died. Читать полностью -->

Came the memoirs of a Soviet spy blunt

Came the memoirs of a Soviet spy bluntIn the UK, published the memoirs of one of the most famous Soviet intelligence agents Anthony blunt (operational alias Johnson). The memoirs were published 25 years after the death of the British.In his memoirs blunt explains the reasons for which became a Soviet agent and talks about his espionage activities. In memoirs, he called the decision to become an agent of Soviet intelligence in 1937, one of the major mistakes of his life, reports the BBC. According to blunt, he even thought of suicide.Anthony blunt was working on his memoirs from 1979 until his death in 1983. Those memories no one saw, except his lawyer, John Golding, who passed them in storage at the British library in a sealed container. To publication the manuscript was banned until 2009, when it will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the death of the scout.This delay in publication was due to the fact that it could lead to discredit public figures of the period of active espionage blunt, who intentionally or unintentionally helped Blunt. Читать полностью -->

Carl Rinch will film a prequel to `Alien`

Carl Rinch will film a prequel to `Alien`Director Tony Scott confirmed that the restart of the franchise "Stranger", initiated by his brother Ridley Scott, the case is solved - but it will be a prequel znamenityh adventures of Ripley. The film will be directed by Carl Rinch."Yes, Carl Rinch will shoot a prequel to "Alien". He is one of the Directors in our company," said brother Tony. We are talking about brothers Studio Scott Free Production. Scott added that he hopes to run the picture into production by the end of this year, but the question will be whether the new "Foreign" summer 2011 release, the Director has not yet met.The name Carla Rinse until last week remained in the shadows. It is known that Rins, like Ridley Scott at the time, removes the ads and restart "Foreign" will become his debut in cinema. Читать полностью -->

Petersburgers filed for Renata Litvinova in the court

Petersburgers filed for Renata Litvinova in the courtThe play "diary of a madman" on the product Gogol, who presented to the residents of St. Petersburg Renata Litvinova, the audience called "blatant hack" and filed on the actress to court.They require them to return the money paid for the tickets cost from 500 to 4500 rubles, and also compensation for moral damages, the newspaper writes the course of the play Renata Litvinova and Alexander Bashirov read Gogol, while they were talking and lost the page. In response, the audience began to whistle and hoot, and Litvinov fell out of character and entered into a squabble with the audience. Singer Zemfira, which was accompanied by Litvinov in the tour, ran onto the stage to stand up for a friend.Many of us deliberately left the room and asked the organizers to pay them back. Those refused, saying that the money is returned only in case of cancellation of the performance."The money we still do not return, because it is such a performance. It differs from classical productions. Читать полностью -->

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