The body of David Carradine buried

The body of David Carradine buriedYesterday in Los Angeles was buried David Carradine, who died June 4 in Bangkok. Conduct of the actor in the last journey of hundreds of people.Among them were relatives and friends of the deceased. Attended by many celebrities Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah (above three played together with David in "Kill bill"), Stacy Keach, Jane Seymour, Tom Selleck... Guests, I must say, not attempted to observe mourning, and come in clothes of different shapes and colors: someone in a kilt, someone at the national Indian outfits, someone in leather and cowboy boots. Came to say goodbye to the actor, buried at Forest Lawn cemetery and a group of Hell's Angels (the oldest group of bikers in the USA)."It was touching, but also carefree. Said in an interview with People, the elder brother of the late Bruce. Читать полностью -->

Julianne Moore was photographed for the magazine `Vogue`

Julianne Moore was photographed for the magazine `Vogue` The diversity of talent that gifted Moore, is just beginning to bear fruit: recently this actress is increasingly invited to a major role, and its ranking among the acting community of Hollywood is steadily growing.Source: Julianne Moore photographed for Vogue (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow handed 18th prize `crystal Turandot`

In Moscow handed 18th prize `crystal Turandot`Sunday, June 28, at the Moscow Center of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya 18-I took place the ceremony of awarding the winners of the theatrical award "crystal Turandot", awarded for the best achievements of the theatrical season.Leading the ceremony were the actors of the Vakhtangov Theatre, Maria Aronova and Viktor Dobronravov. The ceremony was dedicated to the memory of the famous ballerina Ekaterina Maximova, who pioneered the creation of the award "crystal Turandot" was a permanent member of the jury.Honorary prize in the nomination "For long-term distinguished service to the theatre" was presented to the actor, Director and artistic Director of Theatres of satire Alexander Shirvindt. Special prize "Crystal heart" received appearance Maria, wife of Seeds Farad, which last year celebrated its 75th anniversary.The owners elegant crystal figurines are also steel - rose smukler (the performance of "Ulysses," Peter Fomenko's workshop) in the nomination "Debut season", Yevgeny Mironov (performance Shukshin's Stories, the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya) in the category "Best male role", Dmitry Krymov (the performance of "Opus No. 7", the theatre "School of dramatic art") in the nomination "the Best Director's work", Ivan Popovski (the performance of "the seasons", the theatre of Elena Kamburova) in the category "Best set design and best Director's work", Chulpan Khamatova (performance Shukshin's Stories, the theater on Malaya Bronnaya) in the category "Best female role".It should be noted that Yevgeny Mironov has twice been the winner of this award in the same category in 2001 and 2006 for participating in productions of "N 13" and "Golovlevs"."Crystal Turandot" is the first private independent award in post-Soviet Russia. It was founded by Boris White in 1991. Source: Moscow handed 18th prize "crystal Turandot"". Читать полностью -->

Depp, Clooney and DiCaprio share Sinatra

Depp, Clooney and DiCaprio share SinatraThree Hollywood stars extra class claim the title role in the biopic of Frank Sinatra, which will remove Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese). This reports The New York Post.Himself Scorsese, according to unofficial information, would like to give this role to Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), who already played him in "Gangs of new York", "the Departed" and "the Aviator", the biopic of billionaire Howard Hughes.The Sinatra's daughter Tina (Tina Sinatra), which is one of the Executive producers of the film, prefers all candidates George Clooney (George Clooney). Universal studios offers to give the role to johnny Depp (Johnny Depp)."Marty wants the film was powerful and showed Frank how brutal, Horny, prone to drinking man," said the source NY Post. But Tina wants to show the softer side of his father and focus on his music"."The 60s were for Frank hot days - he had sex with empty-headed beauties and strengthened his position in his band "the Rat pack". This is a key time for his myth. And Tina really wants to show disinfezione version of Frank and to ensure that the film was not very negative," the source added.That Scorsese will do a movie about Sinatra, it became known in may of this year. Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva will say goodbye to the fans for a year

Pugacheva will say goodbye to the fans for a yearAlla Pugacheva, who announced the end of his concert activity, he began a series of farewell concerts at the State Kremlin Palace. 7, 8 and 9 April, she will present a musical one-man show "Dreams about love".According to the organizers, this will be the last opportunity to see the prima Donna of the Russian stage in his recital in Moscow, ITAR-TASS reported.On 15 April, they celebrated their 60th anniversary at the sports Palace "Luzhniki", where a festive greeting show "happy birthday, Alla!", the singer will go on a tour "from April to April," and then ends with concert activity. This statement Pugacheva has done a little over a month ago."My health and heart does not really allow you to wander hither and thither, to ride on ships, airplanes and other modes of transport", - said the artist of the inability to continue touring trips. "And the second reason is that after a number of operations that I had to move, my voice got hooked, and he can't Express those feelings and intonations that were expressed earlier. In General, God has given a voice, and now took" - confessed diva.Pugachev also noted that perhaps leaves the stage, "certainly not on time." "The crisis in the yard, and need to earn money" - ironically she explained.At the same time artist full of plans and optimism. "Alla Pugacheva - the singer will take the stage, but the time will come another Alla Pugacheva, which has activity on the radio "Alla" in the theater, the cinema, publishing activities, - said the singer. Читать полностью -->

Joseph Kobzon was named the father

Joseph Kobzon was named the fatherFamous singer Iosif Kobzon was named the father of two-month old boy. The baby was baptized in the centre of the Russian capital in the Cathedral of St. Philip.Since Joseph is not Orthodox, he was the baby who was named in his honor, named the father.The fact that Joseph Davydovich Kobzon still maintains warm relations with those whom he was able to deduce from the audience during the tragedy at the Dubrovka a few years ago. Lyubov Kornilova is one of those women who are saved Kobzon in 2002. Six years later, as soon as the woman found out she had a boy, we immediately shared the news with Joseph Davydovich.Because even in that terrible day when Kobzon brought her when she was pregnant, from theater center, Luba and her husband Alex decided that Joseph would be called the father of their unborn son. Kobzon accepted the offer."I am confident that the life of Joseph goes well, and he's never got over the tragedy that befell his mother," and I quote "7 days", the words Kobzon. Читать полностью -->

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