Scandalous novels stars

Scandalous novels stars About their novels legends. Their adventures can be removed soap Opera... Each of them has something to boast about...Who are they ? Star Heartbreakers, who defeated not one man's heart and continue to place new networks.Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was known for his role in "My fair nanny", but loud novel with producer and colleague on the same series Sergey Zhigunov.Whirlwind romance, the actress began to start already at school. About his first love she remembers with special affection. "My classmate Sergey wanted to get married, but I escaped to Moscow to study at the actress. But it did not become me to wait." In the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre future "nanny" like a lot. Читать полностью -->

Karpov will teach Zhirinovsky to play chess

Karpov will teach Zhirinovsky to play chessVladimir Zhirinovsky would take a few lessons in chess by the ex-world champion Anatoly Karpov, said on Monday the official website of the liberal democratic party.Vice-speaker of the state Duma explains that interested in chess in high school, but now, "after years of political struggle", "different looks at the chessboard" and feels the need for a decent partner for this game.Zhirinovsky, who called chess "battle of the brains", 'm sure I'll succeed in this game, "new heights". According to ITAR-TASS, Karpov will deal with Zhirinovsky free.In addition to chess, Zhirinovsky has recently decided to improve their vocal skills. In July, the website of the liberal democratic party said that the Deputy speaker takes singing lessons from Joseph Kobzon. Kobzon, according to Zhirinovsky, agreed to these classes because they have "good relations", the leader of LDPR has not informed, whether the lessons are free. Source: Karpov will teach Zhirinovsky to play chess. . Читать полностью -->

The book named the nominees `Russian award`

The book named the nominees `Russian award`Became known the shortlist for the "Russian award" which is awarded to foreign writers and poets writing in Russian. The organizers report that it includes 8 names from 6 countries. However, they are treated as separate countries in South Ossetia.The shortlist for the "Russian award":Nomination "Poetry":1. Handelsman Vladimir, a book of poems "ode to the dandelion", USA;2. The Bakhyt kenjeev, a book of poems "the Fortress of the cooling field, Canada;3. Morano Sergei, a book of poems and translations, Latvia.Nomination "Small prose":1. Читать полностью -->

Tips discourage human desire to think

Tips discourage human desire to thinkTen years ago, holding a post of the Minister of Finance of great Britain Gordon brown decided to turn dead country's gold reserves to money.All anything, but planned to sell 60% of its gold reserve at auctions Minister announced his intentions publicly. Learn that in the short term, the market will be approximately 400 tonnes of the yellow metal, traders panicked - and the prices went down. When it came to the first auction to sell the gold I had on unfavourable conditions. Strange policy initiative cost the Treasury at least $2 billion Trapped under a barrage of criticism, the Minister justified his action by the recommendations of experts of the Bank of England, but his acquittal few people are satisfied. To understand the mediocrity of such advice, critics wondered, does not have to have a great knowledge in the field of Economics.The short-sightedness of the policy can explain the results of a new study by Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist from the University Americ*. In their work the researcher has shown that even the best advice of an expert able to fight off the human desire to think.DisserviceBurns and his colleagues invited the volunteers to fight in simple economic game. Читать полностью -->

Patricia Kaas in Moscow are detained by the police

Patricia Kaas in Moscow are detained by the policePatricia Kaas last night fell into the hands of law enforcement officers. The traffic police on duty near the "Arena", was unable to go past tipsy singer.Police concerned about the safety of foreign guests in the capital, had to drive her from one club to another in a patrol car with flashing lights.According to "Life", the singer has accumulated on the Russian's party in "the EUROHOUSE" and after all these libations alone could move with difficulty.The Ukrainian party Patricia continued familiarity with the different varieties of Russian alcohol and left the club at five in the morning. Source: Patricia Kaas in Moscow are detained by the police. . . . Читать полностью -->

Husband stars `Home-2` Karaseva prepares the documents to the court

Husband stars `Home-2` Karaseva prepares the documents to the courtExhausted feelings for your favorite party of the scandalous TV show "Dom-2" Vyacheslav Dvorackova prepares the documents to the court.The civil husband of the victim due to poor quality pizza Victoria Karaseva intends to punish the cooks who prepared the deadly food and doctors who failed to diagnose it.OperationsThe state of one of the most colorful member of the TV project "Dom-2" Victoria Karaseva remains dire. Doctors still do not make any predictions.We will remind, the girl almost died once ate pizza with seafood stuffing on which the fatal accident left a little piece of shell mussels. Sharp shrapnel ripped up the esophagus miserable TV stars.The next day when tori became ill, her husband Vyacheslav call her an ambulance. At first the girl was taken to hospital N79.- In the clinic, we were informed that she or degenerative disc disease, or thyroid, or spin-told husband Tory Vyacheslav - ... and sent us home! But Victoria didn't feel better.What do the spouses to break through the indifference of the doctors. They went to a private clinic, but there they were advised to go to the endocrinologist at the hospital N68.- There Vick took a shot in the spine to relieve pain, continues his sad story Vyacheslav. Читать полностью -->

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