Sean Penn for a year broke up with the movie

Sean Penn for a year broke up with the movieAfter receiving the Oscar, Sean Penn we decided to leave the cinema. He refused the planned filming of the Comedy brothers Farrell "Three moron" and a crime Thriller of Asger Summer "Cartel"."We are really informed both manufacturers that Penn will not be able to participate. If for some reason the shooting will be able to defer, Sean will be happy to take part in them", - told the publication E! News spokesman actor Mara buksbaum.Reuters writes that the decision of the foam due to the desire to spend time with family, vacation can take a year.The problem for Jim CarreySuch prolonged absence of one of the most famous Hollywood actors creates many problems for the creators of "Three morons" and "Cartel" and the companions of foam on the sets. For example, in the film by Farrells Penn was supposed to play the moron named Larry, and the role of the other two morons were approved in March, Jim Carrey and Benicio del Toro. Now they will either have to wait for the foam, or to find another actor. Filming of the Comedy was scheduled for August, the company MGM planned to release the tape to the show in 2010. Читать полностью -->

Japanese boxer died in the waterfall

Japanese boxer died in the waterfallJapanese boxer Noriyuki Komatsu found dead in the pool of the waterfall in the city of Otsu. The athlete's body found on Monday evening, April 13.Police believe that the 29-year-old boxer accidentally fall into the waterfall. On it informs Internet edition Boxingscene.Komatsu prepared for a duel with his compatriot Daisuke Comedy. The fight was to be held on 13 may 2009. According to the news Agency Reuters, the boxer has taken courses of meditation at the temple in Kyoto, and then went to Otsu, where he devoted himself to ascetic practices.Komatsu acted in weight category to 51 kg. In professional Boxing, he spent 36 battles in which he won 24 victories and six defeats. Читать полностью -->

In the `Miss America` scandal

In the `Miss America` scandalOn the beauty contest "Miss USA", the final of which was held in the casino planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on April 20, the scandal broke. Participant, runner, made a sensational recognition.The girl said that made it a gay marriage cost her Golden crown. The participant stated that it did not receive the title of Queen of beauty because expressed her disapproval of gay marriage.During the show, which was broadcast on television, one of the judges is the author of the popular blog about celebrities - asked Miss California Carrie Pridgen as it pertains to same-sex marriages. According to the judge, hearing the answer "Miss California", he "almost fell off the chair," writes the BBC.Beauty, despite the fact that the issue of gay marriage in American public life is considered one of the most acute, dare to Express their true attitude to this problem."We live in a country where you can choose between same-sex and opposite-sex marriage. I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Do not want here to insult, but that's how I was raised", - said in response to Pridgen, prompting applause in the hall, interspersed with booing lustily.Statement contestants pitted against millions of American gays and lesbians and their families and all those who support them. Читать полностью -->

Richard Gere has opened a fancy restaurant

Richard Gere has opened a fancy restaurantRichard Gere is known for his political and public Affairs. He is constantly involved in some campaigns in the cause of peace or in charity.And now Richard Gere had a dream to create a network of influential people. For this he not opened the site, he opened a restaurant.The restaurant, which is located in a XVIII century building in new York, gir wants to make a magnet for the rich, famous and influential people. He has so many friends that there is no doubt that he will succeed. In this restaurant, he wants to arrange evenings where influential people will think about the global world Affairs."In this town too much too successful people whose work visible and valued by many," says Richard. "I'm sure we will create something like a network of influence, and will discuss in my restaurant issues to improve things on the planet". Читать полностью -->

Singer George Michael made a crash

Singer George Michael made a crashSinger George Michael arrested again for driving drunk or under the influence of drugs that will be set for the examination. Your rights are withdrawn for the same offense, he received only two months ago.The singer on his Range Rover worth over 100 thousand dollars entered in the ass of the truck with the trailer on highway A34 in Berkshire. According to the driver of the truck, the singer looked disoriented and seemed to understand what was going on."He looked stunned and even for some reason tried to climb into the cab of my truck. And kept telling me that is afraid to be in prison" - quoted by The Daily Mail, the words of the driver.Rowe, a native of Scotland, also showed that for a few seconds before the collision was watching in the rear-view mirrors, a silver Rover Michael scurried along the way. The subsequent impact was so strong that Rowe was afraid that brutalises it killed the driver."He hit me so hard that the rear axle up into the air. When I stopped the truck and got out to see what happened, I was afraid that the other driver did not survive," he said.Police took Michael to the station in the Lodden valley that under the Reading for evidence and conduct the necessary tests. Читать полностью -->

Boxer Arturo Gatti died of asphyxiation

Boxer Arturo Gatti died of asphyxiationThe cause of death of famous canadian boxer Arturo Gatti was the lack of oxygen, RIA Novosti reported. In the opinion of the Institute of medicine of the city of Recife in Brazil, they say that most likely, he hanged himself or was hanged.About the suggest strangulation marks on her neck. This information refutes the original version of the local police that the ex-world Boxing champion killed his Brazilian wife, Amanda Rodrigues, using the handles from the handbag.Body Gatti was found on July 11 in his room at the resort town of Porto de Galinhas not North-East of Brazil, where he arrived the day before with his wife and year old child. The next day, Rodriguez was detained on suspicion of murdering her husband. Source: boxer Arturo Gatti died of asphyxiation. . Читать полностью -->

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