Alena Vodonaeva arranged scandal

Alena Vodonaeva arranged scandalEx-participant of the TV project "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva admitted that she has problems with memory, and scandal on the set of "Programs "t" on TV the discussion of the ethical concerns of existence on television shows like "House-2", former member started to threaten the journalist of the channel Russia.Ru, and then quickly left the Studio.The guests of the Program "C" except this time Alena Vodonaevoy were Kate Gordon and experts in the field of reality shows Ksenia Borodina and Roman Tretyakov.Kate Gordon resented the exploitation of the participants of the show basest of human instincts and needs. "If in the Bolshoi theatre will bring a kitten and will cut off his tail, every audience will look at the kitten, because it is an intense irritant," said Gordon. She insists that "the House-2" was broadcast on pay TV channels, because the show does not build love and swear off and arrange scandals, and the rest just worry about the ratings and see as its purpose the enrichment and glory. In this discussion participants remembered kata scandal presenter of "House-2" Ksenia Sobchak, which her fame and recognition has grown dramatically.While there was discussion of ethical or unethical show, Alyona Vodonaeva virtually silent, it was worth the host of the show Ilya Peresedova to remind Allen, as her beloved "tossed and thrashed her as a puppy, and Kate Gordon, picked up his words, recalled the girl fight with Victoria Bonneuil, as Alena suddenly changed in his face and threatened to worker, that he must someday answer for their words."I think moustached men are just not supposed to talk. My whiskers are always associated with D'artagnan, with knights... If I'm already starting to feel some negative emotion towards you, " said Her host of the program, I can already to fight with you. So I better go!" She stated that she does not regret anything in his interesting and eventful life. But admitted that she has a bad memory: "I forget what it was before." It turned out that to talk about their "rich" life she can't, because there is little in her 26 years remembers from her - or five years of study at the University, or the life of the project. Then she hastened to leave the Studio, and shooting television programs continued without her. Source: Alena Vodonaeva arranged scandal.

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