Widow of Arturo Gatti is innocent in the death of her husband

Widow of Arturo Gatti is innocent in the death of her husbandFamous boxer, former world champion Arturo Gatti committed suicide. This is the conclusion reached by the representatives of law enforcement bodies of the North-Eastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco after the autopsy of the body of 37-year-old boxer.The body of boxer Gatti was found on July 11 in his room at the resort town of Porto de Galinhas, where he arrived the day before with his wife and year old child. The boxer's wife Amanda was arrested on suspicion of murdering her husband. The result suggested that she could strangle him by the strap of the bag as on body boxer had traces of strangulation and injuries on the head, inflicted by an unknown subject. Now, however, police concluded suicide and recognized Amanda is innocent in the death of her husband."We have finished the work and came to the conclusion that Gatti committed suicide. There is good evidence for this", - told reporters the investigator Paulo Melo. According to him, examination of the crime scene corroborated the testimony of the 23-year-old Gatti wife, Brazilian model Amanda Rodriguez, who was considered the Prime suspect, but from the very beginning denied any involvement in the death of her husband.The girl held in the woman's colony of Recife since July 12, has been released. The investigator also noted that the evaluation data and the testimony of witnesses is at the disposal of the government of Canada, where he lived Gatti, and the family of the deceased boxer, reports the BBC.Note that the Italian-born Arturo Gatti, nicknamed the Thunder was the owner of championship belts in the first Featherweight by the IBF from 1995 to 1998 and in the Welterweight by the WBC from 2004 to 2005. Gatti, a track record which includes 40 wins, including 31 by knockout, and nine defeats, left professional Boxing in 2007 after knockout by Mexican boxer Alfonso Gomez. Source: Widow of Arturo Gatti is innocent in the death of her husband.

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