Chavez brought a gift to Fidel Castro

Chavez brought a gift to Fidel CastroCuban leader Fidel Castro has celebrated his 83rd birthday in the company of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.The latter said that specially came to Cuba on Thursday to congratulate Castro on the holiday. As a gift to the Cuban leader, Chavez brought the Venezuelan foods - sardines and chocolate.According to Chavez, the conversation that took place in the narrow family circle, lasted nearly five hours, after which the Venezuelan President returned home. As a gift to Chavez presented his "mentor" Castro in addition to "Venezuelan treats" drawn by two coal work: the first was a picture of a hero of the struggle for independence of Venezuela, Francisco de Miranda, the second of josГ© martГ­, the national hero of Cuba.During the gala dinner, guests were able to try a variety of traditional Latin dishes. At the end of the table gave the cake. "You know what they say imperialists? Some say Fidel went to the roof. It's all slander. Castro in perfect health", - quotes RIA Novosti words of the Venezuelan leader.In Cuba in honor of the birthday Comandante published new photos. One of the pictures - a large portrait of the leader of the revolution, made his son Fidel - Alex Castro. In the photograph, which was made about one and a half months ago, Fidel looks healthy and vigorous.Birthday of Fidel Castro's Cuba celebrated without much pathos and national celebrations. The exhibition "83 motive", which includes 83 photo of the leader of the Cuban revolution in different periods, has become a major event on this date. A number of photographs presented in the exhibition, was published for the first time. On the birthday Fidel in Havana was presented and a multimedia CD with a collection of "Thought" - articles of Fidel Castro, published in the Cuban press. Comandante speaks regularly on the pages of the press with his vision of the problems of the region and the world. Source: Chavez brought a gift to Fidel Castro.

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