Sense of humor is the best love potion

Sense of humor is the best love potionSense of humor is the best love potion, says The Independent, citing the findings of psychologists from Northumbria University."This is one of the first studies where the relationship between humor, intelligence and sex appeal is examined in the context of natural selection", - said the journalist Simon Osborn.Woman looking for a successful man who will provide for their offspring good living conditions, the researchers stress. Therefore, it is drawn to the clever: they can outsmart stupid. And fools seldom differ wit, therefore, jokers more attractive to the opposite sex.Indeed, comedians for many generations benefit from this evolutionary mechanism, says the author, referring to the example of the writer of the popular British sitcom "Gavin and Stacey" James Probably was a very fat man, who reveals his secret in an interview: "I always knew how to amuse the girls.".

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