In `House-2` for the first time the baby is born

In `House-2` for the first time the baby is bornIn the history of the controversial TV project "Dom-2" will soon be a momentous event - the first time the perimeter of the baby.The participants of the popular reality show Rita Agibalova and Eugene Kuzin prepared for the wedding and for life forms. Zhenya made Rita the proposal during the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the project, and Rita said, "Yes." After the wedding, the couple has no plans to leave the show. Rita and Eugene want their baby born on the TV show.19-year-old Margaret first came to the project when she was 17 years old. Despite his young age, the girl fell in love with a guy older sister - Andrei Cherkasov. When the relationship ended she left the project. Back at it Rita a year. Lightning girl fell in love with 25-year-old Cousin Andrew and now June 1 will become his lawful wife."Yet neither I nor Rita didn't realize that ahead of a wedding, the birth of a baby," says Zhenya. - Despite the fact that wedding days are, it seems that it's just kind of a wonderful tale." Now the wedding planning is in full swing - the future newlyweds agree about the restaurant, the artists invite the guests. "Invited all the participants, presenters, and producers, and editor in chief of "House-2", " says cousins. Witness my hand will be Victor Charikov, a former member of the project, and from Rita, her sister Olga, who also participated in our reality show".It is already known that in addition to the parodist and jugglers at the festival the participants will sing of the project, will be noisy and fun program with balloons and fireworks. Prepared whether the inhabitants of the "House-2" some surprise pair is still unknown. Jack just shrugs: "I don't know! It is a surprise that we were unaware". Source: "House-2" for the first time the baby is born.

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