Sergey Selin divorced for 25-year-old mistress

Sergey Selin divorced for 25-year-old mistressAfter 21 years of marriage "COP" Sergey Selin divorced his wife for a 25 year old mistress. Fellow artists have long known his wife Selina Larissa, who dreamed of becoming an actress, but gave up his career for her husband.All around they seemed the perfect couple. Sergey was struck by the acting party to his recent divorce. Friends of the actor say that the heart of a 48-year-old actor took possession of the young girl, which took him away from the family. Now ex-wife of the actor has told that Sergey himself was informed that he would live with another woman and filed for divorce.To a question about a young companion Celine responding "Komsomolskaya Pravda": "the first time I put it in a rebuke. When there is trouble in the family, the first point of contact to who you are at this moment understands and supports. If this is the type of girl to 25, 30 or 45 years - age unimportant - the main thing that somebody understood, listened to...".

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