Pugachev made a shocking statement

Pugachev made a shocking statementAt the contest of young performers "New wave" in Jurmala, the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva has made a sensational statement."I will soon move to live in Kiev", - said the singer to his colleagues. His decision Alla explained simply: in Moscow was closed all the casinos, after all for anybody not a secret that Pugacheva - the passionate lover of gambling.The artist admitted that as regards Belarus as a new "home", the newspaper "Trud". Recall that from 1 July in Russia closed all the casinos, but in Kiev and Minsk with the gambling establishments of the case still looks good.Even the financial crisis didn't extinguish the passion of Alla Pugacheva to gambling. Last month, Alla came to the capital of Ukraine with the mindset to win big at a local casino.Alla Borisovna has battled with slot machines about one and a half hours, spending during this time 10 thousand dollars. To recoup the Diva did not work, and she left the casino with nothing.As already mentioned Days., the singer arrived in Latvia with the humorist Maxim Galkin. In Jurmala Alla Borisovna has demonstrated a new image - she changed her hair - it was decorated with very short bangs and bleached curly hair, which gave her a Flirty and youthful feel.The surprised actress Latvia, when neither she nor her companion did not appear at the reception of the mayor of Jurmala Raymond Munkevica. As Pugachev are unable to come to the feast, dedicated to the birthday of composer Igor Krutoy - Diva no matter felt.But Maxim Galkin was graced by the celebrant, and the whole holiday was coming off in the company of Ksenia Sobchak and Tina Kandelaki. Source: Pugachev made a shocking statement.

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