Secret rendezvous pitt with aniston

Secret rendezvous pitt with anistonFriends aniston tell you that last week, brad and Jen, very often spoke on the phone and wrote each other SMS, and their conversations became longer and more personal - brad told her the whole situation.The In Touch magazine reports that on April 23, after brad visited angelina on the set of "salt", he went on the set of the film "the Baster" to Jennifer, where he met with her face to face. "He came to her in my black SUV," according to friends of the former couple, although Jen denies it. "Brad drove to the other side of the court from where I was standing trailer Jen, so Jen got into his car.They drove around the city and talked. Brad confessed to feelings for Jen. He said that he tried to establish a relationship with Angelina, but he couldn't." An hour passed and brad drove Jen to her hotel and left. "They are very carefully thought through this so that no one knew. After a while their friendship may develop into something more. As proof of his feelings, brad wears around his neck a chain, which presented him with Jen on his 45th birthday on December 18. This is a vintage pendant that she left him in his company Plan B on his birthday". Source: Secret rendezvous pitt with aniston.

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