Maksim cheating their fans

Maksim cheating their fansThose who have seen the blockbuster movie "Taras Bulba", greatly puzzled commercials on TV channel "Russia". In them, the singer Maksim reported that recorded the soundtrack to the film is a joint composition "lullaby" with the rapper Legalize.The fact is that in the film this tune in any form was not present. In principle, Maksim before constantly hung to the public talking about millions sold her disks, about kindly uncle-producers who allegedly started promoting it solely for the talent. But such outright lies that can easily refute any person seen the film, she still did not fall. Maybe we don't know something? Maybe "lullaby" really was intended to "Taras Bulba", but then for some reason it was not included?"That's how this song could be in the movie?! - laughed the author of music to "Taras Bulba" Igor Kornelyuk in an interview with "Express Gazeta". - It has nothing to do with him. With the same success it would be possible to declare the song to "Seventeen moments of spring" and be called "lullaby radio operator kat.It's just such an ad campaign to attract youngsters who admire a girl with a male name Maksim. When I saw it-heard it, my hair stood on end. It is delirium, paranoia!Unfortunately, in show business there is no moral brakes. People who work in it, believe that money does not smell. I eventually get over it, because that was not such. But in this case we are talking about a man who was born 200 years ago [Gogol]. Writing the second volume of "Dead souls" and questioning its artistic merits, he felt unworthy of this second volume to publish and burned the manuscript. And to approach the memory of the great writer with the standards of the "Night watch", by the standards of American cinema and the Russian show business is unworthy and unseemly.It is like for a penny...ut in the Church. I'm trying to figure out who is the organizer of the promotional campaign. The producers who made the film and with whom I was dealing, themselves shocked by these videos with Maksim. And Director Vladimir Bortko neither sleep nor spirit doesn't know where they came from. This is the handiwork of either the channel "Russia" or the company "Central partnership", which is engaged in the rental of the film.I called back and demanded an explanation of this situation in the media and appropriate apology. While the ball is in their half of the field. Waiting for reply from them. And readers "Express newspaper" offer to put yourself in the shoes of these people and to answer the question: "What would you do for money?".

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