Jolie visited the hot spots of the Middle East

Jolie visited the hot spots of the Middle EastAngelina Jolie arrived in Iraq as a goodwill Ambassador of the UN. She went to one of the suburbs of Baghdad to visit the refugees and the military.Hollywood star for the third time attend one of the hot spots of the Middle East. This time she went to the suburbs of Baghdad, where 20 of thousands of Iraqis were left homeless as a result of military action. Part time Angelina Jolie spent with refugee families, and then spoke with American soldiers who are serving in Iraq, reports CNN.Jolie emphasized that since her last visit in February 2008, the country was making progress, but still lots more work is needed for its restoration. "There is still no basic things, which requires everyone - told reporters the actress. They only recently began to get clean water, sleeping in the dirt, have no opportunities to get a job"."The Iraqis are in huge need of support and assistance to rebuild a normal life", - quotes the statement of a star "Associated Press". She also added that a lot is now in the hands of the government and it depends on common sense, on the other hand is a problem all over the world, and to remember it all. Source: Jolie visited the hot spots of the Middle East.

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