Discovered the secret of the paternity of Jackson's children

Discovered the secret of the paternity of Jackson's childrenThe godfather of the children of Michael Jackson (British actor mark Lester is confident that he is the true father of Paris Michael Katherine.51-year-old Lester, who rose to fame in childhood the role of Oliver Twist in the musical based on the novel by Charles Dickens, was the closest friend of the "king of pop". And now, after Jackson's death, he finally decided to reveal their ancient secrets, which was stored for 13 years. "In 1996 Michael asked me if I could give him my sperm and I said Yes. It was a gift to him, because it wasn't paid any money," said Lester.The actor said that he was honored to help Jackson, who longed to have children of their own. "I gave Michael my sperm so that he could have children... I am sure that Paris could be my daughter", he added, noting that underwent the procedure of putting the sperm in a clinic in London at the personal request of Jackson.This statement became a sensation, as in the story of the children of Michael Jackson planned an unexpected turn. After all, a close friend of pop idol and wanted to be the biological father of the children. To prove this, Lester is ready to analyze DNA.According to Lester, "normal sexual relations were scared Michael." As a result, in one of the hospitals of London were well donor procedure. 8 months later, in November 1996, Michael stated that he married Debbie Rowe, and three months later was born their first child, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., and April 3, 1998, was born Paris.Mark Lester for a long time wondered about what his own part in the birth of Michael, but now looking at Paris, he suddenly came to the conclusion that it is incredibly similar to his own daughter, Harriet, who is now 15 years old. "At Paris' blue eyes and pale skin... my girl has very similar features" - I quote "The News of the World" the words of Lester. Source: Discovered the secret of the paternity of Jackson's children.

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