Alain Delon was angry in a Moscow restaurant

Alain Delon was angry in a Moscow restaurantAlain Delon, a 73-year-old sample of French elegance bottling, showed a sharp temper during a dinner party at a restaurant in Moscow.The actor, who flew to Moscow for the opening of the exhibition "the Master and Margarita," was extremely dissatisfied with the organization of his arrival.VisitIn good spirits maybe half a day walking around Moscow spring: cultural program ended with a dinner in the pompous French restaurant. The Banquet table was booked for 10 PM, so when the legendary actor arrived an hour earlier, the organizers were confused and could not decide where to sit Alain Delon. For a sex symbol of the Soviet era in the evening's program was planned word, but pronounce it the artist did not seem technically possible. The actor stood on a round stage and emotionally began to explain, what is the location of the stage he is not satisfied.- I will be uncomfortable to perform on this stage! "said Allen. I have to constantly turn to each and every one on this patch!Actor, repeatedly and re-read the words of speech, rules, indignant and irritable condition still agreed to speak to the assembled guests, not failing to show their anger against the administration. Source: Alain Delon was angry in a Moscow restaurant.

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