Prigogine scandal in the qualifying round `Eurovision`

Prigogine scandal in the qualifying round `Eurovision`Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest 2009 held in Moscow on may 16.This choice has caused a mixed reaction among the Russian representatives of show business, and Joseph Prigogine believes that the results of the vote should be protested.Anastasia Prikhodko was initially due to take part in the Ukrainian national selection, however, was disqualified. After that, the singer was allowed to participate in the final of the Russian national selection shortly before the vote.For Prikhodko in the final selection, which took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday, voted 25% of the audience and six members of the professional jury of 11. The voting took place in two stages. At first the public has identified the top three of the 16 contestants through telephone and SMS voting. In addition to Prikhodko, speaking with the song "Mama" in the Ukrainian version sounds like "Mama", the top three finalists included singer Valeria and the group "Quattro" which gained 14% and 12% of the vote respectively. Then a professional jury selected the leader.Victory 21-year-old Ukrainian singer caused a mixed reaction from the Russian music industry professionals, including some members of the jury. "The jury chose between Prikhodko and Valeria, voting as six to five in favor of the first singer," said one member of the jury, producer Igor Krutoy and added that he personally voted for Valery, reports RIA "Novosti".This singer his voice gave and producer Maxim Fadeev. "I think that of the three candidates a clear advantage was Valerie as on professional qualities and experience and behavior on stage." The producer admitted that the victory Prikhodko made him smile. "But if people like it, then it's fine," he added. Thus Fadeev highlighted the performance of Polina Griffiths with "luxury, branded the song" Cry for you".The producer of the winner of "Eurovision-2008" Dima Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya supported the view of the Steep and Fadeev. In her opinion, Prikhodko "it will be difficult to compete with professionals like Patricia Kaas, Sakis Rouvas and jade" - participants of "Eurovision-2009" from France, Greece and the UK.Joseph Prigogine believes that the results of the vote should be protested. However, he stressed that he had "no personal insults" and he "would be upset if you win someone else". "We need to make new elections and send to Eurovision the other person, because the song performed in Ukrainian language, nothing to do with Russia has," he said. In addition, according to Prigogine, Prikhodko sang "not very good".However, the producer of the singer Konstantin Meladze believes that the involvement of his client in Eurovision "very correctly and in a timely manner". "For me it is a great joy. I for friendship Russians, Ukrainians and Georgians and all the rest. In principle, this is a very international song because the music was written by Georgians, sang Ukrainian, half the text was written by a lady," said he.Recall that Shakira became famous after participating in the project "Factory of stars-7". Source: Prigogine scandal in the qualifying round of "Eurovision"".

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