Found unpublished stories by Agatha Christie

Found unpublished stories by Agatha ChristieA British researcher found two unpublished Agatha Christie story. About June 5, the Guardian writes.Researcher John Curran spotted the outline of the two stories about Hercule Poirot in the drafts that were stored in belonged to Agatha Christie's Greenway mansion House. Curran deciphered 73 notebook written in 1920-1970-ies drafts. Fully navigate in these records could only by Agatha Christie. In the notebooks contains a lot of background legal information interspersed with sketches of works and economic notes. This is all written very illegible handwriting.The Guardian quotes a typical excerpt from the draft: "the Book of Western India - Mrs. M.? Poirot... and B. E., in all probability, on the - Probably B. and G. maintain relationships for years... the Old toad mayor knows". After working on the piece in the draft, Agatha Christie used to dictate the text assistant. Then the text was retyped on a typewriter, after which the writer was engaged in the final editing.The first previously unknown story, which could be found in the drafts John Curran, is called "the Mystery of the dog's ball" (The Mystery of The Dog's Ball). Subsequently developed the idea for this story was the basis of the novel "Mute witness" (Dumb Witness). The second was found by Karanam story - "the taming of Cerberus" (The Capture of Cerberus). The researcher suggested that this story was supposed to end the series "the labors of Hercules (The Labours of Hercules). 11 series of stories were published in the Strand magazine in 1939-1940, and the 12th (also called "the taming of Cerberus") appeared only in the book, published in 1947. According to Carrano, drafts contains a completely different version of the story.The stories "the Mystery of the dog's ball" and "the taming of Cerberus" edited by Carr will be published in September 2009. The book, released by HarperCollins publishers, decided to call "the Secret notebooks of Agatha Christie: 50 years of mysteries in the making process" (Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making). Source: Found unpublished stories by Agatha Christie.

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