Frankenstein's new bride

Frankenstein's new brideThe company "Universal" and "Imagine" seriously undertook the development of a remake of the legendary American paintings 30-ies "Bride of Frankenstein", inviting the role of Director and screenwriter Neil Berger."Bride of Frankenstein" filmed in 1935, the year James Whaley, who was encouraged by the resounding success of "Frankenstein", which appeared on the silver screen in 1931-M. the Role of a suffering monster in the original and the sequel played the legendary master of horror and Hollywood survivor Boris Karloff.Berger in writing the script of the remake will be to help Dirk Wittenborn, who wrote the script and srezhessirovana mystical Thriller "Illusionist" with Edward Norton.Producing paintings will deal with Brian Grazer and Sean Daniel. Source: Frankenstein's new bride.

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