The body of David Carradine buried

The body of David Carradine buriedYesterday in Los Angeles was buried David Carradine, who died June 4 in Bangkok. Conduct of the actor in the last journey of hundreds of people.Among them were relatives and friends of the deceased. Attended by many celebrities Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah (above three played together with David in "Kill bill"), Stacy Keach, Jane Seymour, Tom Selleck... Guests, I must say, not attempted to observe mourning, and come in clothes of different shapes and colors: someone in a kilt, someone at the national Indian outfits, someone in leather and cowboy boots. Came to say goodbye to the actor, buried at Forest Lawn cemetery and a group of Hell's Angels (the oldest group of bikers in the USA)."It was touching, but also carefree. Said in an interview with People, the elder brother of the late Bruce. - There were many tears, but also laughter.The white hearse with the body of David Carradine arrived at the cemetery about three o'clock accompanied by a motorcycle escort of the Hell's Angels. The service began about two hours. There were four hundred men. They were shown on the big screen movie about the life of 72-year-old actor. Two of his children played the piano and the harp. Other relatives of David and his friends shared with the audience their memories of the deceased."Michael Madsen read the list of life rules, which David handed him a few years ago. Says Bruce Carradine. - Among other things, there was listed: "Never marry a woman named candy" or "Never buy from the hands of the panting man.".

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