Depp, Clooney and DiCaprio share Sinatra

Depp, Clooney and DiCaprio share SinatraThree Hollywood stars extra class claim the title role in the biopic of Frank Sinatra, which will remove Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese). This reports The New York Post.Himself Scorsese, according to unofficial information, would like to give this role to Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), who already played him in "Gangs of new York", "the Departed" and "the Aviator", the biopic of billionaire Howard Hughes.The Sinatra's daughter Tina (Tina Sinatra), which is one of the Executive producers of the film, prefers all candidates George Clooney (George Clooney). Universal studios offers to give the role to johnny Depp (Johnny Depp)."Marty wants the film was powerful and showed Frank how brutal, Horny, prone to drinking man," said the source NY Post. But Tina wants to show the softer side of his father and focus on his music"."The 60s were for Frank hot days - he had sex with empty-headed beauties and strengthened his position in his band "the Rat pack". This is a key time for his myth. And Tina really wants to show disinfezione version of Frank and to ensure that the film was not very negative," the source added.That Scorsese will do a movie about Sinatra, it became known in may of this year. This is now the Director is busy filming "the Island of the damned" (Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio and has not yet begun to work on the biopic of the singer. Source: Depp, Clooney and DiCaprio share Sinatra.

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