Joseph Kobzon was named the father

Joseph Kobzon was named the fatherFamous singer Iosif Kobzon was named the father of two-month old boy. The baby was baptized in the centre of the Russian capital in the Cathedral of St. Philip.Since Joseph is not Orthodox, he was the baby who was named in his honor, named the father.The fact that Joseph Davydovich Kobzon still maintains warm relations with those whom he was able to deduce from the audience during the tragedy at the Dubrovka a few years ago. Lyubov Kornilova is one of those women who are saved Kobzon in 2002. Six years later, as soon as the woman found out she had a boy, we immediately shared the news with Joseph Davydovich.Because even in that terrible day when Kobzon brought her when she was pregnant, from theater center, Luba and her husband Alex decided that Joseph would be called the father of their unborn son. Kobzon accepted the offer."I am confident that the life of Joseph goes well, and he's never got over the tragedy that befell his mother," and I quote "7 days", the words Kobzon. During the rite of baptism, the singer was holding his son in his arms.The events of October 2002 Love Kornilov still remembers with horror. When Kobzon managed to persuade the terrorists to release the woman with two children, Love is at your own risk brought another girl, giving her his daughter. Joseph Kobzon called the family Kornilov's already a week after the tragedy. Cope, you feel invited. Since rings often, invites for gifts, asked how things were going.Lyubov Kornilova about Kobzon responds with love and warmth: "He is a brave and strong man. And I will be happy if my son will grow up to be the same, if it will save someone in the same difficult, scary situation." Source: Joseph Kobzon was named the father.

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