Found a Treaty with Hitler and the devil

Found a Treaty with Hitler and the devilIn Berlin found a contract that Adolf Hitler had made with Satan.... A contract dated 30 April 1932 and signed in blood by both sides. Political Testament of Hitler.According to him, the devil provides the Hitler virtually unlimited power with the condition that he will use it for evil. In exchange, the fГјhrer promised to give his soul for exactly 13 years later..Four independent experts reviewed the document and agreed that the signature of Hitler truly authentic, specific to the documents signed by him in the 30-40-iesAs reported by Portal Credo , a diabolical signature also matches what is on other similar treaties with the ruler of hell. And such documents historians know a lot.- I'm sure that the document is authentic, " says Dr. Greta Leiber who was an studying various agreements with evil spirits. - It helps to solve the mystery of how the Fuhrer was able to become ruler of Germany. Judge for yourself: after all, until 1932 he was just a loser. He was expelled from high school, he twice failed the exams to the Academy of arts, even in jail.All who knew him at that time, considered him a good-for-nothing. But since 1932, his fate changed dramatically - he literally left in the seat of power in January 1933 already ruled Germany. In my opinion, it can only be explained by Union with Satan. And on April 30, 1945 - exactly 13 years later, Adolf Hitler committed suicide, hated all mankind.The contract with the Fuhrer by Satan was found in an old chest in the ruins of the burned house on the outskirts of Berlin. How it got there is unclear. Now the document is in city historical Institute. The text is badly damaged, but still can be read.- That is how Satan operates, " adds Dr. Leiber who was an. - Selects loser tormented by ambition and thirst for worldly pleasures, and promises to fulfill his desires. The result is a lot of trouble for others and a complete disaster for someone who's buying into his promises. And Hitler completely fits into this scheme... Source: Found an agreement with Hitler and the devil.

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