The stars of `the Millionaire from slums` more than friends

The stars of `the Millionaire from slums` more than friendsDev Patel and Freida Pinto, who played sweethearts in the Oscar-winning "the Millionaire from slums" Danny Boyle't get tired of refuting the rumors that during the filming among themselves originated a romantic feel.Even the words colleagues Anil Kapoor (he played the host of the show "Who wants to be a millionaire") that they were a couple, not povlijali on them, "no, we're not Dating". However, Patel and Pinto reportedly are no longer seen together. Say, the other day they were spotted in tel Aviv, where Frida starring in his new film "Miral". Virgins specially flew to Israel from England to see a friend. Eyewitnesses say they saw them kissing. Photos with a kiss we have not seen, but there is a picture confirming the fact that Virgins and in fact now with Frida in tel Aviv. If they really are just friends, as you say, we are very close. Does it need a maid to come all the way just to chat over lunch? Source: the star of "the Millionaire from slums" more than friends.

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