School years Alexander Rybak

School years Alexander RybakThe country began Proms. The winner of "Eurovision-2009" Alexander Rybak and other stars remember their school years and graduation.It turned out that in Norway, graduates have many traditions: "in our school in Oslo - tradition: graduates should crawl on your knees the biggest street - said Alexander, who was born in Belarus, but with 4 years living in Norway. - When I was a student in the senior class, we were given these special pants are red, and we were crawling... Graduates before the may exams can fool around and act like you want. Why order a special red uniforms".So, fooling around on the streets, Norwegian graduates celebrate the end of school until the independence Day of Norway on 17 may, after which students start exams. And on the night of the 17th that they are allowed to sing songs under the Windows of the teachers and call them on the street.When the showman Ivan Urgant was 16 years old at the prom, he broke up with his classmate Natalia Kiknadze, which met for two years, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". After some time they both started a family, but years later Ivan and Natalia met again and old feelings broke out with renewed vigor. Former classmates got married, and last year they had a daughter Nina.At the prom, the future prima Donna of the Russian stage was dancing with a classmate Vladimir stern, whom he now calls his first real love. By the way, Alla Borisovna repeatedly noted that Maxim Galkin very similar to her high school sweetheart. In the certificate of eight years of education Alla Pugacheva - three in chemistry, geography, English, physical education and drawing, but in literature - "excellent".Nikolay Baskov went to the same school with the sister of the singer Dmitry Malikov Inna and former soloist of group "Lyceum" Isolde, which, according to the story Baskov, from school drove all the classmates crazy with curls. Nicholas prom prepared carefully, choosing a beautiful outfit. "That night I first tried alcohol. The next morning, for the first time understood the meaning of "headache after yesterday..." remembers "the Golden tenor of Russia". Source: School years Alexander Rybak.

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