TV presenter Vladimir Tishko returned to the right

TV presenter Vladimir Tishko returned to the rightA scandal involving a famous TV presenter Vladimir Tishko over to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.Vladimir returned to the right. And he took his statement that he was beaten on the road traffic police.We will remind, on April 9, "land cruiser" "instructor on the use of Moscow" are stopped on the road. Showman, which was suspected of drinking alcohol behind the wheel refused to go on parade and threatened to accuse inspectors of beating.In his version, he was driving. And only was in it as a passenger. The fact is that on this night he had a quarrel with his wife Emilia Vishnevskaya. The girl slammed the door of the jeep with the words: "Calm down - let's talk," the drunk and left her husband alone in the car.Fortunately, the conflict with the law have been exhausted. Vladimir returned to the right, and he's already a week back. The showman had only to pay a fine of 100 rubles for the fact that they had no documents. Source: TV Presenter Vladimir Tishko returned to the right.

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