Vodonaeva preparing for the wedding

Vodonaeva preparing for the weddingAlena Vodonaeva began preparations for the most important celebration in your life six months ago. The wedding day is getting closer and Alena is going to meet it head-on.In anticipation of the holiday it came to teeth. On the eve of the former participant of "House-2" has visited my dentist to make your smile even more irresistible. Impressions from the event Alyona wrote in his blog: "Today was a dentist. Brrrr..... I don't like people of that profession. But no, not people, and profession! Before the wedding I decided to clean well teeth. Whiten while I don't want, say it's unbearably painful. But cleaning I suffer can. Suffered. And now look how beautiful are the bride before the wedding. Here it is a fact of life! Marry us men! And there we'll be so cute to smile at you every morning, throughout life!".

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