Date Pugacheva and Galkin on a yacht

Date Pugacheva and Galkin on a yacht The paparazzi, seeing the diva in silver sandals, dress, opening sweetly slender legs, the paparazzi could not help but marvel at the wonderful power of love.Dress with pearl shimmer, flawless manicure, evening makeup, naughty haircut... So dressing up would have taken hurrying to a meeting with Prince charming Cinderella.But recently the singer and humorist could be seen separately rather than together! Alla Borisovna alone whiled away the time in Kiev, Maxim also stayed in a private Villa Sofia Rotaru in Yalta. Reunited pair only at the festival in Jurmala, and on his return from Latvia Maxim seated Muse in the machine, and the couple arrived at the capital Marina.There were already waiting for her ship-restaurant "Swallow" with the ordered Banquet...Five hours spent on the boat, Pugachev tasted proposed dishes, admire the scenery of the capital, coqueted with Maxim, and, it seems, really got into character heroine Kate Winslet from the movie Titanic.By the way, cost of the Banquet of 1 million 650 thousand rubles. Plus 350 thousand rubles for every hour of riding. Source: Date Pugacheva and Galkin on a yacht (photos).

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