In Rome found the remains of St. Paul

In Rome found the remains of St. PaulAt the high mass on Sunday evening, Pope Benedict XVI said that in Rome found the remains of the Apostle Paul.Scientists have confirmed the veracity of the tradition, according to which in the sarcophagus under the altar of the main Church of Rome - St. Paul's Cathedral are the remains of this Saint."We are gathered here at the tomb of the Apostle, the sarcophagus which is stored under the papal altar, and recently became the object of careful scientific research," said Benedict XVI, addressing the faithful gathered for the final ceremony of the Year of St. Paul, announced on the occasion of the 2000 years since the birth of the Apostle.According to the legend, which has long been known that the sarcophagus contained the remains of St. Paul, but to confirm this could not have one. So far, the only proof that in the sarcophagus buried the person, who is considered one of the main ideologists of Christianity, was the inscription in Latin: "Paul-Apostle-Martyr," IA "Rosbalt".However, scientists using the research were able to find fragments of human bones belonging to the I-II century ad. With a probe, scientists have discovered traces of a precious linen cloth and the plate of pure gold. "This seems to confirm the unanimous and undisputed tradition that we are talking about the remains of the Apostle Paul," said the Pontiff.Pope Benedict XVI also spoke of how the study was conducted. In the sarcophagus, never before opened for centuries, had done the slightest opening for the introduction of the probe through which were found traces of a precious linen cloth, painted in purple, plate of pure gold and cloth of blue color with the fibers of the flax plant. It was also found the presence of red incense, as well as protein and calcareous compounds", - said the Pontiff. He added that were also found tiny fragments of bones that have been subjected to study using carbon-14 experts, who did not know about their origins. "According to the results, they belong to a person who lived between I and II century, - quotes RIA "news" words of Benedict XVI. - All this fills my soul with deep feelings.Recall that the Apostle Paul was not among the twelve apostles, disciples of Christ. He was one of the active persecutors of Christians before his conversion was called Saul. However, after the execution of Christ, he became one of the main ideologists of Christianity and the author of several books of the New Testament. The Apostle Paul became a zealous preacher of the gospel in Palestine, Greece, Asia Minor, Italy and other countries of the ancient world. For the propagation of the faith of Christ, the Apostle Paul suffered much, and was beheaded in Rome in 64 under the Emperor Nero. Source: Rome discovered the remains of St. Paul.

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