Malinin complained of the injustice of fate

Malinin complained of the injustice of fateSinger Alexander Malinin, who rarely appears on stage, complained of the injustice of fate.Alexander Malinin has suddenly appeared at the festival of arts in Vitebsk Slavianski Bazaar". The participation of the artist was not pre-planned. He helped the case: two days before the competition jury Chairman Nikolay Baskov refused honorary positions and decided not to come to the festival at all. The organizers were forced to urgently find a replacement and were invited to participate in the Alexander Malinin concert than the singer, of course, pleased."I'll be performing on stage with the feeling of complete and deep satisfaction. Finally I was invited to "Slavianski Bazaar"!" - Alexander told reporters. It turned out that by some years tormented by the question: "Why was I not invited to speak at the Vitebsk solo concert or with a single statement? ".

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