`Ex-Ranetka` severely beat students

`Ex-Ranetka` severely beat studentsMany viewers of the youth series "Ranetki" I can't get over it.A few days ago there was information that the ex-soloist of the band "Ranetki Lera Kozlova hard beat: the emergency happened in Kiev, where 21-year-old singer for unknown reasons, was attacked by a group of young boys and girls.And on the eve of the network was laid out shocking video, apparently filmed on a mobile phone, which depicted how defenseless actress beaten brutally brutalized Teens.On the tape, as a few girls came up to the singer and something she asked. Obviously, the answer did not suit them. In the next moment one of the strangers heavily pushing Leroux, she flies off to the side and with a sweep falls on asphalt. Run up to her standing nearby teenagers and begin to beat actress feet...At first, the singer and her press office refused to comment on the incident. But, in the end, admitted: sensational video is an excerpt from the film, the shooting of which are now in Ukraine. The film is based on real events that occurred last winter in the small town of Nikolaev. Then angry teenagers had beaten to death a classmate, writing everything on their camera phones, later throwing shocking footage on the Internet.As told "KP" the representatives of the actress, she actually is very close to school theme. At school she always stood up for those who are weaker and bespoyasna, but in the end were regularly met with misunderstanding and inappropriate behavior of classmates.Here is a commentary from the Lera:- Now the problem of child abuse is particularly relevant. A large number of talented girls and guys do not find understanding among their peers. Because life is not so rosy, as in the TV. With this video I want to show the real story that happened with my age. This is my first truly challenging, dramatic role. Source: "Ex-Ranetka" severely beat students.

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