Ridley Scott will remove the anti-utopian novel `brave new world`

Ridley Scott will remove the anti-utopian novel `brave new world`If you believe the Risky Biz Blog, Ridley Scott set his sights on an adaptation of the dystopia of Aldous Huxley's "brave new world (Brave New World).While Scott is listed in the producers (through the Agency of Scott Free) - as well as Leonardo DiCaprio from the Appian Way, but it is likely that Ridley will still take for best Director, and Leo will play a major role. The project is being developed at Universal studios, the premiere is scheduled for 2011. Previously Scott in several interviews mentioned that he was interested in the production of the novel Huxley, the right which belongs to Appian Way. Adaptation is already assigned to Farhad-Safinia ("Apocalypse").The novel, published in 1932, set in the 26th century in London. People in a heartless world of the future are grown in the so-called embrionario and artificially (through effects on the embryo during its development and use of hypnopaedia in shaping personality) are divided into five castes from the highest Alphas, knowledge workers) to the lowest (epsilons, feeble-minded labourers). The main characters of the novel - a personality that don't fit into society, among them is the representative of the higher caste Bernard Marx (his, most likely, and will depict DiCaprio)."Brave new world" has not yet reached the big screen, and the TV version of the most known version 1998 with Peter Gallagher in the title role. Source: Ridley Scott will remove dystopia "brave new world"".

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