The famous British singer was diagnosed with cancer

The famous British singer was diagnosed with cancerFamous British singer and DJ Sonique put a disappointing diagnosis - breast cancer.Terrible diagnosis of the performer, whose real name is Sonia Clarke, the doctors told her last week. On the eve of a 40-year-old singer was admitted to a hospital in London, where she underwent emergency surgery. She is currently undergoing post-operative treatment and in prosperous circumstances, according to the doctors, she will stay in the hospital until June 20.It is unknown at what stage the disease was discovered, but, according to doctors, a mortal danger to the singer is not in danger. This diagnosis foiled plans sonic.She would have to postpone a series of concerts in European countries, which were scheduled for this summer, and the release of her new single, reports The Sun.As noted by the British tabloids, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in Britain - with him facing one of the nine women. Annually in the country diagnosed more than 45 thousand cases of breast cancer among patients about 300 men.Sonic is not the only representative of show-business, confronted face to face with this terrible disease. Over the past years to fight this disease had singers Kylie Minogue and Anastacia.His career sonic began in the mid 1980-ies. Her most known hits are "I Put A Spell On You", "Sky" and "It Feels So Good". Source: famous British singer was diagnosed with cancer.

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