Debut Irina Bezrukova on the podium turned nightmare

Debut Irina Bezrukova on the podium turned nightmareDebut Irina Bezrukova as a model turned actress real nightmare. Having accepted the offer to try on the catwalk as a model, Irina hundred times wished about such a courageous act.Uncomfortable high heels and slippery floor prevented it in all its glory to stand before the eyes of friends and colleagues. The actress did not fly, as it should be the model, and hardly moved by improvised podium, every second, afraid to fall. Had to remove the heels and continue to defile basicmodel need to pay tribute to Irina, she held herself bravely and smiled.The showIrina came to the club that hosted the parade, one of the first. Organizers actress picked a gorgeous dress in spring colors, and the actress was delighted, hoping to leave soon for the podium. Still, it was the first direct contact Bezrukova with high fashion. But, as soon as Irina slipped her shoes on, I realized that the holiday is spoiled. Shoes on high heels has "refused to cooperate" with slippery tiled floors. However, there was nowhere to retreat, for us is a secular Moscow. To start the model Bezrukov watched professionals and young stars of the podium. By the way, in addition to Irene on the show flashed mods Mitya Fomin, Sergey Zverev.Courageously passed along the tables, awkwardly swaying from side to side, Irina stopped, leaned on the chair's back and just gave a strained smile. Only God knows what she was worth that smile. In the eyes read the excitement and the pain. The spectators were waiting. Breath, Bezrukova effectively removed the hated shoes and it was confidently paraded back under a storm of applause.RourkeThe main event of the show was the visit of a Hollywood star Mickey Rourke. However, to the chagrin of many of the models on the catwalk actor didn't even look to models demonstrating complete indifference. The actor drank, ate and talked with dressed up flirt... Source: Debut Irina Bezrukova on the podium turned nightmare.

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