Valentina Tolkunova has removed a brain tumor

Valentina Tolkunova has removed a brain tumorIn the hospital named after Burdenko famous singer Valentina Tolkunova had surgery to remove a malignant tumor.Oncologists operated Valentina Tolkunova second time. A few years ago when the singer did the first surgery to remove breast cancer, Valentina began to work actively, as if trying to catch a lot. "I try to go to concerts in different points of our country, to be able to give people their heart, their songs," said Tolkunova.She gave concerts around the country, performed for free in front of sick children, pensioners, disabled. It became common to see in the Church.At work Valentine forgot about health. Didn't go to the doctors, hoping that finally and irrevocably defeated cancer. "Where were you before? Paul asked the doctor, when it became clear diagnosis during a routine checkup. "Don't they know that after the surgery need to be surveyed annually?".

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