Kovalchuk pursues a secret admirer

Kovalchuk pursues a secret admirerA fan, who asked to remain anonymous, almost every day sends Julia Kovalchuk huge bouquet of flowers. For two weeks, as Julia practically lives in the flower Kingdom, the whole apartment of the singer lined with bouquets of red roses.- Of course, I used to hate flowers to be sent, and it is always a pleasure. But this time, the story intrigued me, " says Julia. - About three weeks ago sent the first bouquet. Of 101 roses. Then another, then another. It has been three weeks, and the flowers continue to send two or three a week. None of them had a single note, signed. But what is most mysterious to me - they delivered (by courier) is not in the office, and the shooting. And where I am on the set, not so many people - family and team that I work with. And, of course, the crew.But shooting is different, in different places, and mysterious fan still finds me. How can he calculate my whereabouts, a mystery to me. Thank you very much for the flowers, but, I take this opportunity to say that I would be a little calmer if I knew who made these wonderful bouquets. Source: Kovalchuk pursues a secret admirer.

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