Secret romance of Pattinson and Stewart

Secret romance of Pattinson and StewartLast weekend a good friend of Robert Pattinson, Sam Bradley, gave a concert at the Vancouver club "Richard's". In the meantime, behind the scenes was much more exciting event with the participation of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.In recent time, often there are messages on the novel of Robert and Kristen, but the actor jokes certainly refutes them. However, too often the main characters of vampire Saga resting together.So this time Robert was backstage with Kristen, and very, very close. According to eyewitnesses, the actor the whole evening something gently whispered to the girl's ear, almost touching it with his lips, and several times they were ready to kiss, but at the last moment held back.What is it, in the end: a very close friendship (which, by the way, not too far from romantic relationships) or secret affair? Source: a Secret affair of Pattinson and Stewart.

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