Susan Boyle started to record their debut album

Susan Boyle started to record their debut album48-year-old Scottish housewife Susan Boyle (Susan Boyle) who became famous because of the television contest "Britain's got talent, recorded the first song of his debut album, according to the website of People magazine.The publication says that Boyle has recorded together with the team of Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell), British music Mogul and owner of record label Syco, but does not any information about the song or about the upcoming album.Susan Boyle gained popularity after performing in the first round of the competition, where she performed the song "I Dreamed A Dream" from the musical "Les Miserables" (Les Miserables). The video became a hit on YouTube.Boyle was considered the main contender for victory in the final, however, the audience gave the victory to a group of dancers Diversity, putting Boyle only in second place. Shortly thereafter, she was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown and stayed there for about a week. Now Boyle together with the participants of the contest gives concerts in the UK. Source: Susan Boyle started to record their debut album.

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