Widow Bachynsky's getting married again

Widow Bachynsky's getting married againJulia Bachinsky, widow of the famous radio presenter, who died in January 2008 in a terrible car accident on his feet and is getting married again.As it became known L!FE.ru in her life there is a new man, whom she recently introduced with their parents and grandmother.- Julia came in Kashin, Tver region with a new friend, told his friends Bachinsky. - Where her grandmother lives, she introduced them. At the wedding, grandma will not be able to attend, she is already old, it will be difficult.NovelHard right now and Bacinski, which probably would turn an army of searchers morality: since the death of Gennady it's only been a year and a half. Surprisingly, without reproach on Yulia look today are the people that she does not wants to see: her former husband...When I realized that she was with someone else, came to her in Moscow to see my daughter, and she would not let me into the apartment: there was another man, said L!FE.ru mom Bachynsky Nina afanasevna, which still lives in a small house in the Altai region in spring crops. "Is there anything in her new marriage? She's young, she's beautiful. But life does not stand still! I knew that she would marry.RelationshipNina Bachinsky says these words, sighing heavily, she almost never smiled since that fateful day, when her son died. The support of Yulia she, alas, does not see.She just forgot about my existence - my mom says Gennady. - I have the feeling that my son was rootless. Julia sent me the notaries, who said she will divide and Moscow apartment - in addition to those that we already shared. Said I won't get any. Yeah, to be honest, I don't!.. Just a shame that I was not wanted. The son has not come back, more about me and no one to care.MountMost Nina afanasevna not regret about square metres, and that after the death of his son has not seen his beloved granddaughter Lisa.I don't want to show, - says an elderly woman. I was going to come - Julia said to wait for her at the Park. And where it is, I already forgot. In addition, the pressure skyrocketed, I felt sick. Barely got home, and granddaughter never saw, and Julia helped nothing. Oh well, let it be on her conscience... Source: Widow Bachynsky's getting married again.

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