Petersburgers filed for Renata Litvinova in the court

Petersburgers filed for Renata Litvinova in the courtThe play "diary of a madman" on the product Gogol, who presented to the residents of St. Petersburg Renata Litvinova, the audience called "blatant hack" and filed on the actress to court.They require them to return the money paid for the tickets cost from 500 to 4500 rubles, and also compensation for moral damages, the newspaper writes the course of the play Renata Litvinova and Alexander Bashirov read Gogol, while they were talking and lost the page. In response, the audience began to whistle and hoot, and Litvinov fell out of character and entered into a squabble with the audience. Singer Zemfira, which was accompanied by Litvinov in the tour, ran onto the stage to stand up for a friend.Many of us deliberately left the room and asked the organizers to pay them back. Those refused, saying that the money is returned only in case of cancellation of the performance."The money we still do not return, because it is such a performance. It differs from classical productions. And generally I in this project is the most normal!" - the edition quotes the words of Renata Litvinova. Source: the St. Petersburg filed for Renata Litvinova in the court.

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