Jolie revenge aniston for `long tongue`

Jolie revenge aniston for `long tongue`Tabloid the Sun published an interesting story. It said that Angelina Jolie'm sick and tired of talking about the interview with Jennifer aniston where she talks about brad and his new family life.And really aniston for several months engaged in the promotion for the new film with its participation "Marley and me" and gives numerous interviews in which no end discusses the life of brad and ange.But it is very doubtful that Jolie really promised in reply to "sling mud aniston", as stated by The Sun.Further, the tabloid quoted its source: "Angelina is already tired of aniston constantly mentions the name of brad in interviews. According to ange, so Jennifer is just trying to sow discord in her relationship with her husband".Why this statement seems far-fetched? Yes, because it is unlikely angelina cares about Jennifer and what she says. And even if there is, does it really hurt Jolie her words that she is ready to embark on an argument with aniston through the media? And finally, what's so "dirty" Jolie can say about aniston? Max - "walk" on her nose, which has undergone multiple plastic surgery. Source: Jolie revenge aniston for "long tongue"".

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