Yankovsky was taken from the scene to hospital

Yankovsky was taken from the scene to hospitalThe famous actor of the Moscow theatre "Lenkom" Oleg Yankovsky suddenly became ill during the play "Marriage". According to Life.ru in the theatre arrived, the ambulance crew, Yankovsky and was immediately taken to one of the Moscow hospitals.As reported by some media, chief Director "Lenkom" mark Zaharov does not hide the fact that the incident plunged the theatre into a state of shock. Oleg Yankovsky is indeed in the hospital. However, according to other sources, his health is not in danger - the actor is undergoing treatment."Last time in the play "Marriage" he (Jankowski) played on 10 April," - said in an interview to RIA "news" the Deputy Director of theatre Sergey Voltaire. According to him, in the following performances of "Marriage" on April 26 and 27 Jankowski will play as scheduled.Recall that in January of this year, the honored artist of Russia was held diagnostic testing in Germany, then continued intensive treatment in Moscow. Celebrating its 65th anniversary, in mid-March Oleg Yankovsky returned to the stage, despite serious illness. He called Mark Zakharov and said that feels good and can work. During the month role Jebacina in the Marriage is played in turns Oleg Yankovsky and Dmitry Pevtsov, on the illness of the actor who replaced him in several performances.Oleg Yankovsky appeared in over 100 films. Among them - "the Mirror" and "Nostalgia" Tarkovsky, "Flights in dream and reality" Balayan, "Kreutzer Sonata" Schweitzer, "My sweet and tender beast" Loteanu, "Ordinary miracle" and "Munchhausen" Zakharova and others.In the "Lenkom" the most significant works Yankovsky became roles in "the motor city XXI", "In lists did not appear" by Vasiliev, "the Clairvoyant" by Feihtvangera, "Blue horses on red grass" and "Dictatorship of conscience" Shatrov, "Optimistic tragedy" Vishnevsky, a "Pocket theater" Cocteau, "hamlet" by Shakespeare, "School for emigrants" Lipscombe, "the Seagull" by Chekhov, "Jester Balakirev" Gorin, "Tout paye, or All is paid" Jamiaca. Source: Jankowski was taken from the scene to hospital.

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